iOS 7 beta 3 may be released on July 8 [Rumor]


BGR reports that Apple will be seeding the third beta version of iOS 7 on July 8th.

Apple had seeded the first beta version of iOS 7 to developers immediately after the WWDC Keynote on June 10. Apple released the second beta version earlier in the week, on Monday, June 24 just as BGR had reported.

Based on historical data, July 8th for the third beta version seems a little early as Apple released the second beta version of iOS 6 in 20 days and the third beta version of iOS 5 in 17 days.


But it seems quite likely that it will be release in the week starting July 8.

Via: BGR

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    Good. This Beta 2 is as buggy if not buggier that the 1st one.

    • iphoto


    • laurnzo

      Totally agree, Beta 1 was way more stable.

  • Pacomacman

    There are going to be an awful lot of beta versions this time round. So much to fix and so little time. I can’t help but think all those excited iOS users are going to be disappointed when they finally get their hands on the GM build. Then they may be even more frustrated when their favorite apps have stop being updated because developers can’t find an easy way to maintain backward compatibility.

  • peros

    i just want it to say.If you look apple presentation 2007 for the first iphone in the world when Steve jobs says the specs the safari logo its amazing. Better than ios 7,so at my opinion why not add it almost something like that on ios 7,anyway its sucks as it is today

  • iosmaster

    ios 7 beta 3 when is going to be aveilable

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s out