iOS 7 beta vs iOS 6: Speed test


iOS 7 comes with hundreds of new features and improvements, in addition to the complete redesign. But how will the upgrade affect performance?

To find out, YouTube user upster carried out a series of tests on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 beta and another running iOS 6.1.4 to see whether iOS 7 performance was slower, faster or the same as under iOS 6.

The test covered boot up time, the time it takes to launch apps such as the App Store, iTunes, YouTube, Phone, Compass etc., taking HDR photos, finding an address in the Maps app and page load times in Safari.

Even though the currently available version of iOS 7 is Apple’s first developer beta and hasn’t been fully optimized, the results are quite close.

Please share your experience with iOS 7 beta, especially on older devices like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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  • Sid

    Bit slow on my 4S and battery drains bit faster.

    • Luigi

      true, I can confirm that… on the 4S the battery I think lost about two to three hours of usage compared to IOS 6, and it is a little slower, it’s not fast, kind of feels like a 3GS running IOS 6, it runs but not smooth and responsive, I hope they make some dramatic improvements on that, Siri opening is very slow, and i cant seem to find the male, female voice option that they bragged about in the keynote on the 4S. Other then that I think the UI had it’s good points and not so good points, but mostly I think it’s nicer to use and looks pretty nice too, but as usual apple still left out a lot of customization options out… like the messages app for instance, I have to live and use that white background and keyboard for ever on this thing? I mean I like it now but eventually it’s gonna get boring and Im gonna want to change it, guess one again the jailbreak community has fix that again wont it? that and quick response… I still dont get why they dont add this stuff as it doesn’t mess with security or performance at all… They only nice thing they did was the dynamic wallpaper in customization, other then that is the same take or leave it deal…

      • Erodable

        Same here. iOS7 on the 4S feels sort of cheese and slow. Battery life stinks, and def huge/dramatic changes need to be done there!

        • Jangooo

          If you any of you still owned a 4 you would know what ‘unresponsive’ is…

      • becky

        I bet it hasn’t. I bet that you sat there flicking stuff on and off for hours , whereas in ios6 it’s not fun anymore

  • joe

    hundreds of new features ? LOL are you talking about iOS 7 ?

  • Oba Ma

    Apple Sraple ;) Yebac Duska :)

  • macdaddy916

    Duh its slow! its in BETA!! lol duhhh

  • Hefners

    Little lag here and there.. I really hate the zoom effect for transitions.. Make it feels slower.. Wtf is the roll back to top funtion in safari?? I really hope they bring that back .. Wish and thought the camera app would be filled with more functions and setting . Fps video, hdr video, slowmotion etc etc. And close all apps in one push is a big scandal that they have missed to put in the multitasking .
    Some apps wont start or work in this beta version..

    Overall an improvement but fix these issues apple if wanna save millions of users
    Transition effect on and off or options on other that the hillaruos zoom transition

    Camera and film funtions more
    Back to top funtion in safari and texts
    Stop all apps in multitask function

  • Wezzy

    Ios7 is in beta so it still has alot if not most of the debug information in there to help with tracking bugs etc you can’t expect it to be as fast or reliable as a ios6. On my ip5 it runs very well better than I a was expecting some apps won’t run but all in all it’s generally very promising I love the new look and the way it works yes it would be nice to have more UI options but who knows maybe we will have them in the next release

  • etew

    guy’s right hand is lagging

  • Becky

    Useless video. Can’t compare beta with an ios that has had 3 version updates already. So this is amusing at most. It’s like comparing WIndows XP no SP with SP3

    • Gustav

      No, it is like comparing Windows XP SP3 with a beta version of Windows Vista… And if you’re using iPhone 4, it’s like a beta version of Vista with no Aero, lol…

  • paul

    Still see nothing worth upgrading for. Still a very boring design

  • belphe

    iOS7 is in beta so don’t compare it with iOS6 WTF!!!!

  • Pacomacman

    Anyone would think App launch speeds were all that was important. After launching the Contacts app he should have scrolled the screen to see how much slower it is on iOS7.

  • Casey

    How about ios 6 beta 1 with ios 7 beta 1!

  • Guest

    Thats just it, its in Beta. Of course its going to be laggy. Beta is for testing, not for everyday use. I would suggest installing iOS7 on a backup iPhone (If you have one), as this is not a daily driver yet. I have noticed a Gmail bug, overall lag, and the icons are god awful. Plus there is a notification glitch where it repeats the same notification like 5 times everytime i get a new email or text etc. Give it a few more months and they will perfect it.

  • Helios

    It ought to be slow, because iOS7 is meant for iPhone 5S and up, and the slowness should serve as a motivation to upgrade to newer iDevices

  • ip5 craze

    Guy s a faggot.

  • jacko116

    video is nice, but how about a spreadsheet comparing timing results of apps running in the video?

  • Lichty

    iOS 7 is lagging very strong on my iPhone 4 :(

  • JOSEL00X

    iOS 7 on the iPhone 4S works generally fine, only that when returning from multitasking to homescreen the dynamic wallpaper gets smaller than screen, filling the blank space with black, also when returning from multitasking on landscape mode to the homescreen the info bar which shows the 3G, Wi-Fi status, the clock, and the battery indicator appear on landscape while the icons continue on portrait view, excellent UI! It`s actually faster than iOS 6

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    you cant compare ios 7 to ios 6.1.4 its a beta it not official yet

    useless video

  • Mhhook

    Its a bightmare on my iphone four the keyboard is the biggest issue it moves so slow even slower than video slow motion

  • mattamilne

    I have a IPhone 4 32GB it feels a lot slower then ios 6 but I must admit the new operating system apple has brought out it very good and different I can see why they are doing this to try get a hand in the Market

  • iBoring

    still boring use ios 6.1.3 and ios 6.1.4.. so boring.. need jailbreak n downgrade ios 6.1.3..

  • Kleyton Hunter

    4s here and work fine,this will be a very good os in my opinion

  • iCall

    I have not heard it from anyone else but I’m on iOS 7 beta 6 and my movies that are stored in the cloud play without being downloaded. Is this new? Can someone tell me if they have seen it.

  • ugur

    ios7 is a big dissapointment for me. it’s much worse than ios6 and it slows down my iphone 4 :(