More iOS 7 details leaked: Camera filters, Motion Sensing tech, iRadio


Over the last few weeks, well-connected Apple blogger, Mark Gruman of 9to5Mac has revealed some interesting details about iOS 7, the next generation mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

Earlier today, he revealed that iOS 7 may come with an updated Camera app that would include Instagram-like camera filters.

We understand that while many iOS engineers are excited about the potential of filters being built-in to the iPhone’s camera app, some Apple executives are not as fond of the feature. With that in mind, we are not sure if filters will make this year’s release.

He has also revealed that Apple is testing motion sensing technology that could move on-screen objects based on the orientation of the device.

We have heard whispers that Apple is testing new technologies could move on-screen objects based on the iOS device hardware being moved in-air. For example, app icons could slightly shift depending on the angle that the iPhone is being in held. The technology is similar to what allows the iOS 6 volume controls to rotate based on the iPhone being moved. We are not sure if this feature will make the cut for iOS 7, but the development of this technology is nonetheless intriguing.

He also claims that Apple is testing various approaches to bundle its rumored iRadio music streaming service. According to their sources the feature is very similar to the iTunes Genius feature. It could come as a standalone app that is pre-installed with iOS 7, or as a standalone app like iBooks, Find my iPhone etc, which needs to be downloaded from the App Store or the feature could come integrated with the Music app. 9to5Mac claims that Apple is in talks with record labels to bring the iRadio service to Apple TV and Macs as well.

We have also heard that Apple has expressed interest to record labels about expanding the streaming music service beyond iOS devices. Without sharing specifics, Apple mentioned that it would like to integrate the service into a tweaked version of iTunes and the Apple TV’s software.

Apple will be unveiling  iOS 7 codenamed Innsbruck at the WWDC 2013 Keynote on Monday, June 10. It is widely speculated to feature a fresh new look with a “black, white, and flat all over” design instead of the heavy textures that we’re accustomed to.

We are super excited and can’t wait to see the whole new world that Apple has developed.

via 9to5Mac


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