Nine iOS 7 features inspired by jailbreak tweaks


After several months of rumors and speculations, Apple unveiled iOS 7, the next generation mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad at the WWDC 2013 Keynote on Monday.

Every year Apple adds new features that have been inspired by jailbreak apps and tweaks, and this year hasn’t been any different. We take a look at the jailbreak inspired features Apple has included in iOS 7.

1. Quick Settings

iOS 7 comes with a new feature called Control Center that can be accessed anywhere in the iOS by swiping up at the bottom. Control Center includes some frequently used system toggles such as AirPlane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. It similar to the popular SBSettings jailbreak tweak. Since Control Center can be accessed from anywhere, it allows users to enable or disable the toggles without going through the hassle of exiting an app, if you’re in one, launching the Settings app, navigating to the setting and then enabling or disabling it.

When you tap on the Settings toggles, iOS informs you if the toggle is enabled or disabled with a subtle message and also highlights or greys out the toggle like the NCSettings tweak. Unfortunately, Apple has included only 5 toggles and there is not way to configure the toggle based on your preference, which is possible with NCSettings.

control center ios 7


2. Improved App Switcher

Apple has finally improved the app switcher in iOS 7, which makes better use of the screen real estate. In iOS 7, when you press the Home button twice, it displays card-like screen previews (along with the logo of the app below it) of the apps you have open. You can swipe up on a card to quit the app. Apple has moved the music playback controls, brightness control and the orientation lock toggle to the Control Center.

The implementation of the app switcher is similar to Dash, an app switcher jailbreak tweak. In fact, the implementation is closer to this iOS 7 concept.


3. Parallax Effect

One of the coolest features of iOS 7 is the parallax effect that moves shadows and lighting effects on the home screen as the user moves the phone in his or her hand. It creates a pretty awesome 3D parallax effect.

Jailbreak tweaks such as DeepEnd and 3DBoard brought the 3D effect to the home screen back in 2011.

4. Live Clock

The clock icon now displays the correct time, including the live second hand, which is exactly how it works when you install the Live Clock jailbreak tweak.


5. Dynamic Wallpaper

iOS 7 comes with two dynamic wallpapers images, which have subtle animated bubble shapes floating in the background. Jailbreak tweaks like LivePapers have brought animated wallpapers to jailbroken iOS devices.

6. Panoramic Wallpaper

Jailbreak tweaks like LiveWallpaper allow you to set panoramic images as your wallpaper, which are scrollable when you flip through home screen pages.

Apple has added the feature in iOS 7. In addition to the dynamic wallpaper feature, iOS 7 also allows you to set panoramic images as wallpapers, so you can pan around the image by simply tilting your iOS device.

7. Blacklist

You will finally be able to block phone calls, messages or FaceTime from specific numbers in iOS 7, which was previously possible only using jailbreak tweak iBlacklist.


8. Folders

iOS 7 will finally allow you to add unlimited number of apps to a folder, which has been possible using jailbreak tweaks such as InfiniFolders and FolderEnhancer.

When you tap on the folder, it displays 9 apps in the folder, and you can swipe from left to right to go to the next folder page like the home screen pages.

9. Notification Center

The iOS 7 Notification Centre has a nice translucent background instead of the grey linen background. It seems to be inspired by the BlurriedNCBackground and FastBlurredNotificationCenter jailbreak tweaks, which blurs the Notification Center background.


Other minor features:

  • Ability to access Notification Center from the Lock screen. Jailbreak tweak such as Bulletin, Springtomize allow you access Notification Center from the lock screen in iOS 6.x.
  • In iOS 7, Safari gets a unified bar for URLs and search, which Apple calls “smart search”. If you’ve jailbroken your device, you can install Safari Unibar to combine the address and the search bar.

These are some of the features we could think that seem to be inspired from jailbreak apps and tweaks, please let us know if we’ve missed any anything. This also means that when Apple releases iOS 7 to the public later this fall, there will be fewer reasons to jailbreak your iOS device.

Do you plan to jailbreak your device after upgrading to iOS 7? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • BMWIIIMPower

    Quick reply to messages would have been nice and possibly persuaded me to not jailbreak iOS7…. nahhh, who am I kidding? OF COURSE I’ll jailbreak! (depending on if the dev team releases a jailbreak – however, I have faith they will eventually.)

  • Helios

    as long as Apple still does not give me root access, i’ll jailbreak. Moreover, there are tons of other tweaks that have not been able to make way into iOS7

  • Frank

    F:lux rocks. I will jailbreak ios7 as soon as it’s possible and flux is available for this OS.

    • Droid No.1

      I know man! I’m so torn about this simple because of the amazingness of the F.lux app!

      I can sense a sever quality of life drop without it.

      First world problems!! Arghhh

    • Timbuck

      Yes, I love the warm yellow orange glow at night, it looks so calming and peaceful! I hate being without it at night, did that one time when I was waiting for a jailbreak, it was not fun!

      f.lux is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

    • jess

      my bf just gave me an ipad mini, but it literally makes me sick to look at it without f.lux. now after reading that f.lux is not available for iOS7, i have no idea what i will do if my iOS macbook decides to die….!!! let alone not being able to use my new toy (i have migraines, it really is a problem!).

  • Stan

    There is also a jailbreak feature where you can clear all the notifications in the lock screen.

    On iOS 7, just swipe down to the notification centre and swipe up again to the lock screen, the items have been ‘cleared’.

    • Alan

      Hey Stan, can you explain it again. What do you mean by swipe down to the notification center?

    • Jeff

      Yes, please explain.

    • stan

      When there is notifications in the lockscreen, to clear them, just go to the notification centre as like to see “today”, “all” and “missed”.

      Then go back to the lock screen. The notifications will be gone.

  • leigh mitchell


    • Tonytuntun100

      I agree! BiteSms is a simple app that does something so simple. But once you experience it it is virtually impossible to live without!

  • Ios7

    Now u can disable auto correction on ios7

    • key

      you can do that on 6 also….Settings > General > Keyboard > Auto-Correction On-Off

  • Njnf

    I’ll definitely try to not jailbreak it after I upgrade just to feel it out but I know ill end up jbing it I need activator!!

  • den

    no, stopped it with iphone 5

  • Titanss

    Y’all forgot about Unibar for safari.

  • bandrax

    there is nothing new about iOS7… they are now stealing from jailbreak community and monetizing it … no innovation….

    remember apple made folder but is SO different than jailbreak folders… it was new and smart,,, similarly with notification bar on top… awesome…

    but now, they are direct copy from jailbreak community.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    Very sad!

  • filthyjason

    Too bad they still don’t have something like iCaughtUPro or similar. they need to have a better way to prevent someone from wiping & reselling iPhones!

    I’m not testing 7 here, but can you power the device off on the passcode lockscreen still? Disabling that would allow us to track missing phones thru various apps like FindFriends or Find iPhone.

    • IAmScrewed

      5 month’s old but if I wanted to steal your phone, keeping it on would do nothing I can still pop the SIM out and that restarts the phone anyways…

      • filthyjason

        well it doesn’t restart it if you just pop the SIM, but I have a ‘Vapor Pro’ case, so you need a really little philips screwdriver to take the case apart & free up the SIM slot. iCaughtUPro will also use the data on the new SIM (assuming it’s a valid one) to snap a picture and send GPS coordinates to my email. There’ll always be ways around it, but making it harder or buying yourself a bit more time can really help.

  • Bandrax

    Option to make Google maps as default map for iOS.

  • Abel Goddard

    I will certainly jailbreak – might even wait to upgrade until JB is available. I MUST have a 5 row keyboard.

  • ajay

    Apple is still miles away from various JB tweaks. No matter how hard they try to copy, they will be always behind the Cydia tweaks. Unless they give root access, these small changes are no way way forward.

  • ifonix

    only 9? ios 7 is stilling from JBers and android. but it still looks nice

  • Pacomacman

    This article makes it sound like the jail-braking community were responsible for inventing the tweaks when in fact most were stolen ideas from other products. The task switching for example was an idea that originated on Web OS.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Frankly, we don’t care if they were taken from other platforms or from the jailbreak tweaks, as end users we want access to the best features. Don’t you? Does it really matter if a feature was borrowed/stolen from another platform?

      • Bandrax

        Yes it does matter if they start calling it revolutionary and all new engineering. I wish if JB can sue them, which I’m sure it’s impossible. Remember Tim interview why they sue Samsung – he said “it is about fair and keeping honest ”

        • Hamid


        • Carl TheTechguy Brooks

          Yet you make this statement without knowing if Apple has licensed the feature from HP or not. We can only speculate about these things because neither of us know.

  • Hamid

    My point is why not they sue apple ! thieves !

    • iPhoneHacks

      Go ahead!

  • Hola

    I love Activator and the ability to use a gesture to use the multitask bar. Double clicking in the home button eventually will break it.

  • WhyIsItReal

    So there are three ways to take this
    A) Upgrade to iOS 7
    B) Get all the iOS 7 stuff in jbed iOS 6. Plus, get MORE jbed stuff.
    C) (THE BEST OPTION) Jb iOS 7.

  • Nick

    iblacklist is still better than iOS 7

  • Lee Saenz

    Jony Ive isn’t original, all these apple queers do is steal ideas from Cydia… Which they don’t compensate the devs for. I hope they get sued for stealing. Not only does Apple try to kill Jailbreaks, they rip off the most popular tweaks. Now they are trying to make iOShi7 look like Android, freaking thieves! Copy cat, lame, pillow bitters! I hope they get their asses sued!!! Ha ha ha ha, get’em Cydia Devs, spank them with a class action lawsuit for 50 million dollars, and give me 1% for the idea, lol.