Well-connected Apple blogger says iOS 7 is “nowhere near finished in terms of design or functionality”


iOS 7’s completely redesigned UI has had a polarizing effect on users. There are some who love it and can’t wait for Apple to release it later this fall, while there are some who hate it so much that they’re thinking of switching to Android.

Well-connected Apple blogger Jim Dalrymple has some advice to users in his blog post “Don’t worry about iOS 7.”

Dalrymple who is just back after attending WWDC has this to say:

First, it’s nowhere near finished in terms of design or functionality. Apple engineers stopped adding or changing the operating system before WWDC so they had a stable build to show during the keynote. It’s not done 1.

Second—and I’m surprised I even have to say this—it’s a beta for developers. This is not a build any individual user should install—ever. It wasn’t meant for you and installing it shouldn’t even be on your radar.

[..] This is not the time, as a user, for you to decide if you’re going to upgrade to iOS 7. You shouldn’t even be considering that yet. Let Apple do its thing with the operating system, let developers work on their apps and you be calm.

We doubt Apple will add new features that will blow us away, but it goes without saying that Apple will use the beta phase to polish the user interface to address some of the inconsistencies. Meanwhile, developers will work on updating their apps for iOS 7’s UI and also ensure their apps don’t crash when it is released to the public.

As Dalrymple says, we just need to be patient. And people writing bad reviews for apps crashing in iOS 7 beta, please don’t as developers can fix iOS 7 related issues only after Apple releases iOS 7 golden master, which is usually a week or two before the public release.

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  • ffac789

    Not really surprised. I’m enjoying the beta that I shouldn’t have installed on my phone. It’s nice and refreshing. I can understand that people may not like it and that’s that. Personally can’t wait!

  • Octvrium

    And that’s all you honor. Case close.

    Totally agree in every word with you brother

  • P

    I agree with you, people need to calm down

  • Sebastian Rasch

    I honestly doubt that there will be big changes from the beta to the RC.

  • Greyfox

    Great article! I agree! Beta is beta.. If ur not a developer calm down. You where just lure by the news. Lets just wait until gm arrive.

  • Brown

    Y’all sound like a bunch of whiners, Apple is doing there best. If you don’t like Apple bye, that won’t hurt them none.