iOS 7 leaks: App icons, two color schemes and more


With less than 12 hours to go for the WWDC 2013 Keynote, Seth Weintraub of 9to5Mac who has managed to get a quick peak at an early beta version of iOS 7 has just published an article providing more details of what iOS 7 may look like.

Here are some of the changes we can expect in iOS 7:

  • Apple seems to have used the Helvetica Nueue Ultra Light font in iOS 7, which we’ve seen in the iOS 7 and OS X banners at the Moscone West Center.
  • The carrier signal bars have been replaced with 5 dots that are white or grey to represent the signal strength.
  • He has also posted a mockup of the home screen with what some of the app icons will look like in iOS 7. He has also provided the following details:
    • iTunes is Purple-ish with white (iSync-like arrows instead of a music note).
    • Camera is Gray gradient and icon is same shape as you see on the lock screen
    • Facetime is like it used to be without the gray. and flat.
    • The Maps icon is a different place. Perhaps near the Spaceship campus?
    • Compass icon is darker and flatter.
    • Safari icon is like the Mac circle icon without the silver frame.
    • Photos icon is a color wheel
    • Game Center is similar to the photos icon – totally different than before.


  • Interestingly, he notes that the apps are available in two color schemes – one blackish and one whitish. He isn’t sure if Apple is testing the two color schemes or if the color scheme will change due to external factors such as ambient light or time of the day.
  • In black mode, the keyboard is black with grey letters and in white mode, the keyboard is grey with white keys.
  • Maps may provide walking directions.
  • He also notes that Grouped table views no longer have spaces on the left and right now – rounded rectangles give way to more rectangular like the Twitter app UI update.

Please note that this is just a mockup of what some of the elements of iOS 7 will look like. He hasn’t been able to post the iOS 7 screenshots as Apple apparently embeds watermarks that could help in tracking the source of the leak.

The WWDC 2013 Keynote kicks off at 10:00 am Pacific Time. We will be bring live coverage of the event so don’t forget to join us.

Via 9to5Mac

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  • Sublogic

    So we’re getting a winterboard theme for iOS7? Yay! Can’t wait!

    • Bob Saget

      Don’t get your hopes up. Apple has been on a roll when it comes to disappointments with iPhone / iOS releases.

  • L. M.

    This looks absolutely terrible! Is there an option to stay with the old theme? People are going to get shocked and angry when they update to this childish nonsense.

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s just a mockup, let’s wait to see the real deal. It could end up being a lousy mockup.

  • சங்கே முழங்கு

    I would like to stay with what i have now …

  • Hessam

    I don’t know about the real thing but… Oh Lord, that mockup was a total disaster.

  • Viji Island

    OMG Please dont Let this be the next iOS 7… its a disaster!! terrible!!
    iOS needs consistency and familiarity!

  • mkimid

    If Apple apply this changes without User Theme Option, It will be the most crazy change.

    • louis


  • Sebastian Rasch

    Wooah I hope this isn’t real, they’re awful!! Downright terrible!

  • RandomGamer342

    Lets go with the “all leaks are wrong” for this one too?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Seems like a bad mockup, which doesn’t capture all the changes except for the app icons.

  • Dee

    I’m interested about this ‘two colour scheme’ point, I wonder how it’ll work.

    Also, i wonder how the use of a ‘flat’ design will impact on battery life, if at all.

    And with the current trend, I hope it doesn’t look like that mock up.

  • hopy

    Thanks for this great post that you share to us

  • Mo

    Don’t like it. One word awful

  • Nothinnn

    WTH!! Horrible!! I won’t update if those are real!! F*ckn ugly

  • Nothinnn123

    Horrible! This will ruin iOs, i wont update if those are real! Damn ugly

  • DJ Flea

    OMG! that looks horrible!!!! I guess apple did that “fake design” to let people think that is like windows 8 style (flat design)… I guess (and I hope) that they will bring some cool new design today… If not, I will not upgrade with that new crap.

  • Jim

    I just hope the jailbreak community can unlock iOS 7 to undo the mundane and keep up with fresh apps and UI. Traders are prepared for more shorting of AAPL stock!

  • Gustavo

    horrible!!!!, in cydia we can find many better themes…

  • IRSX

    There are many ways to do flat design and this is one ugly-ass way to do it. I doubt Jony I’ve would allow it. Although maybe the 9to5mac guy just sucks with translating what he sees into a PS reproduction.

  • Que

    It’s amazing how important a layout is to IOS users. I wish yall had the option to change it like Android. I really do.

  • qq

    And apparently this is what Apple presented today. Awful looking, indeed.

  • Hessam

    I take back my last comment… after seeing the demo now those icons seem beautiful!

  • Mark

    I have all the Apple devices. Really a fanboy! I will not update to this s..t!!! Tell me that it’s a terrible nightmare!!! TOTALLY DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!

  • yepi 10

    wow! great…………

  • Big Stephy

    as a developer and testing out iOS7 this interface changes are ugly!

  • Yepi

    imposible! i can’t believe this is a truth

  • Helpneeded

    How do u change to color scheme?! Mine is white and I hate it

  • Marguerite Mangold

    I hate this ios7. It is crap. It is hurting my eyes. I loved my 6.1. Please fix this version! It is too white really hard on the eyes. Giving me headache.
    Can i go back to 6.1 ?

    • Marguerite Mangold

      Can someone out there answer me please?