Apple testing LinkedIn integration in iOS 7


iOS 7 includes integration with Flickr and Vimeo. Developer, Hamza Sood has discovered code references in iOS 7 beta, which indicate that Apple is also working on integrating LinkedIn in iOS 7.

Yesterday, Sood had discovered the hidden Settings in iOS 7, which revealed Apple is testing new gestures and folder enhancements.

We’re assuming that the LinkedIn integration will work like the Facebook and Twitter integration, where users will be able to post content directly on LinkedIn via a share sheet.

9to5Mac reports that Sood has discovered LinkedIn related code in iOS 7 beta, but certain pieces are still missing, which is probably the reason it is not available to users currently.

As 9to5Mac points out, it won’t come as a surprise if LinkedIn is deeply integrated in iOS 7 as OS X Mavericks, the next major update of OS X includes a Shared Links feature in the new Sidebar, which shows links posted by people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here’s a look at some of the LinkedIn related code references discovered in iOS 7 beta:

ios7-linkedin-1 ios7-linkedin-3 ios7-linkedin-2 ios7-linkedin-4

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  • Luigi

    apple needs to hire a lot more programers! Im not a programer or a developer, Im just a regular user, but a I do have a dev account since ios 4 betas, and I have to say, IOS 7 is about the worst beta 1 I have seen apple put out here, It drains baterry insanely, heats up the phone quite a bit using it for a while, and even for a beta the preformance on this system is just awful, just doing the simplest things like switching between songs on the lookscreen, or getting two or three texts on the lookscreen and unlocking it to reed them it crashes… Very very bad work… At this rate it would take them 5 or 6 mounths to get every little thing right… Its just gonna be like when they dumped google maps for there own maps app… It’s gonna suck big time. They want to do new ios, new osx mavericks, but it seems they need to put a twice the work on both… Pod 2g is wright people, this wwdc was a good show but under the hood it looks terrible… The first time I had to downgrade from a beta ever since ios 4 betas….

    • RandomGamer342

      It’s a very early beta release and you’re trying to say that having bugs is bad. No, it’s a beta. It’s not finished. It’s not supposed to be used by anyone for anything more than beginning to port iOS apps to the system. Why are you treating it like they just released it to the public?

      Most of the issues are simply variables that aren’t properly localized or missing sanity checks. The rest is THE OPERATING SYSTEM NOT BRING FINISHED. This shouldn’t be hard to grasp.

      We’re not judging smartphones, consoles, tv’s, websites or even windows by old prototypes, are we? Why are we suddenly doing this with iOS? Would you rather want them to release no betas at all, letting no apps be compatible when they release the OS?

      Don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Ashton

        I absolutely agree, this beta seems to have been for hold of by too many non developers who are treating it like a public release, this is the biggest change to happen to iOS and it’s the greatest it is in it’s very early testing stages and should be treated as such, this is not for the general public.