Here’s The List of iOS 7 Features That Are Not Available On Older iOS Devices

ios_7_banner_graphiciOS 7 is compatible for iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up and iPod touch 5, but not all features of the OS will be available to older devices. Here’s the list of features that will be incompatible with older generation iOS devices.

  • Square and video formats and swipe to capture won’t be available for the iPad 2
  • Filters in Camera (real time filters) will only be supported on iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5. So no iPad support, no support for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.
  • Filters in the Photos app won’t be available on the iPad 2
  • AirDrop, the way to share file between devices won’t work on iPhone 4S and earlier, nor would it work with iPad 2, and iPad 3.
  • Restrictions from previous releases for iOS carry on, so Siri won’t work on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Panorama won’t work with iPhone 4 or iPad.
  • Dynamic wallpapers aren’t available on the iPhone 4. (iPad compatibility not known)


Tell us what you think about the device support. Could Apple stretch a bit more to support more features in older devices?

Via: Apple

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  • stan

    I really wonder why AirDrop isn’t supported for iPad 3.

    • DJ Flea

      and iPhone 4S

      • RC

        They’re emphasizing encryption, so my guess it uses those newest devices’ hardware crypto features.

    • genXhippie

      Same here. :-(

    • onebyone_

      this is why I wait for Jailbreak, to activate all of those features in old devices. siri not for my iPhone 4 I don’t want it.

      • Ronald Hunter

        Good, because you won’t have it. I don’t think the processor in the 4 is up to the demand. I know the iPhone 5 is MUCH faster to respond to Siri than the 4S was.

  • Kiwiholden

    What is “video formats”?

  • Nick

    If I’m not mistaken did they come out with a new MacBook Pro

    • Kwopau

      New MacBook Air

    • Rounak Jain

      Nope, Air and Mac Pro

      • macguest

        Nope, just Air.

        • Karl

          No they also released a Mac Pro, not a MacBook Pro

  • Sublogic

    So the big question remains, will there be a new iPhone this fall too because as much as I love my iphone and think this new iOS7 is nice, I need an incentive to want to hold out on upgrading my phone from a 4s to an iPhone 5. This kind of tells me that they dont plan on updating the screen for the new iphone but tells me that theyre focusing a lot of their attention on streamlining how digital content functions and looks.. I.e. photos, documents, etc.

  • ord

    3gs you served me for 4years, but now it is time to say goodbye……

    • noone

      … and hello to Windows 8 I think.

  • KolbesD

    If all it does is noticeably improve the dire battery life on my iPhone 5 I’ll be happy.

  • Johndoe

    What ? IPad Mini = iPad 2 = iPhone 4S so the iPhone 4 from 2010 should rather get screwed. The ‘Siri situation’ last year was stupid but this is crazy.

  • adit

    no airdrop in 4s?? why

  • Tristan

    Parallax effect doesn’t work on the iPhone4.

  • Kraken

    They really should give iPhone 4 users Siri already. By restricting it, they are just forcing us into the google ecosystem with their superior search app instead. That means Google gets our valuable private info, not Apple.

    • Storm

      It’s not that the won’t give it, apparently it’s a software issue. I’ve read that iPhone 4 first have the noise canceling device they use for Siri so that is why, idk though

      • Storm

        Doesn’t* have the piece sorry

  • Y8 Games

    no support for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. this is not good to develop the app for all phone to make this label stronger than ever

  • Friv

    not good to develop the app for all phone to make if no support for iPhone 4S.

  • legoagent

    i wish i could get ios on my ipod touch 4g D:

  • brooke

    so basically i can’t get ios 7 on my iPod 4 that i spent nearly a year saving up for. that is freaking retarded. i’m not buying a new iPod.

  • Joshua L

    why doesn’t the iPhone 4s support filters for the camera. It’s just a software thing, isn’t it?

  • Ciara Stan

    In the beta version the iphone4s had filters in-camera so how come with the official version they removed the feature

  • Bj

    Are people having older devices crazy ?? This is too much for apple not to give any important support even for ipad 2 . I just bought it last week buddy, this is too much i say…@&$&$@$&&$&@$$&@@&

  • Ronald Hunter

    I think the 4S could handle filters in camera. No problem. But there are apps that do this. I don’t know what hardware is used in the Airdrop process, so it is hard to speculate on that.

  • kah327

    I love Apple, and have an iPhone 4 and iPad 2., but Apple definitely should have made all of ios7 features compatible with older devices. However, we all know the way this industry works…they want people to be unsatisfied with what they have and to go and buy the latest device…it’s all a marketing ploy. Sadly, I will eventually give in to it too :)

    • noone

      Give in to windows 8 device… stop the circle of madness with apples money grabbing.

  • SheWise2

    I done download iOS7 on ipad 2 then next step is agreement. verify update loading then message pop up “Software Update not available and try it again later. Anyone have similar problem??? Please let me know why its not available if they said ipad2 or up, so mine is ipad2. Thanks

    • Bridgette

      My iphone4 showed the same message about 7 times. Just keep trying and eventually it will download. Mine did. Hope it works out for you :)

  • krlosollirt

    I dont know what its going on, but the parallax effect doesn’t work on my iPhone 5!!… I’ve turned on and off the “reduce motion” and still doesn’t work. Help?

    • jasonZak

      it’s not like EXTREMELY noticeable. you might not be noticing it when it’s on. one place i really notice it is if i change the volume when I’m texting someone. Try having a lot of text on the screen, hit the volume buttons on the side, and if you move the phone around and see letters being shown/hidden, parallax is working.

  • Luis Murillo

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this already or not, but on my 4S I can use the live filters in the camera app without any issues…

    • Nick

      what you have to understand is that there is no filter on the camera for video’s on the 4S only for taking pictures

  • Adetoru

    Not a good move,apple.

    • noone

      sure it is if you stock sucks and you want money… get all your loyal fans to buy new… that is the apple way. Get a windows 8 device.

  • Brad Moutoux

    I can confirm that dynamic wallpaper works on my iPad 3

  • obs

    the female siri isnt available for iphone 4s

  • Angry Apple Customer

    Well Apple you’ve managed to push me to Android. You thought restricting features on my iPhone 4 would cause me to get the iPhone 5? Well you’re wrong. I don’t even think I’ll wait for an upgrade, I’m so dissatisfied I’ll get a android as soon as I can.

  • Katieeee

    I hate having the iphone 4. I just got it this spring and im done with it. Why cant i have moving wall papers? And why not pamerama. I have to wait till 2015 to get a new one. I think ill just save up money and get a 5s by christmas

    • Jose

      Why you got a 2 generations old phone(now 3) this year… Options should have been 4s or 5…

  • Bec

    The ipad mini will work for the dynamic wall papers Siri is fine. Air drop shows up as an option but I haven’t tested it yet. Panorama isn’t avalible. Real time filters aren’t avalible in Camera which is odd because the photo booth thing has them and that’s now auto added to the ipad mini and no longer removable. There’s no new mini ipad to upgrade to or I’d buy one but not offering the features when I have the newest version of this product (ipad mini) is rude

  • Nic

    There actually are filters in the photos app on the iPad 2. I don’t know if that is because I installed the GM version on mine a few days before the public release.

  • Bobo

    I wish apple would put dynamic wallpapers on iPhone 4. Is iPhone 4 really that old?

    • noone

      Yes buy a Windows 8 device

  • Ottermom

    YES!!! If they can update stuff for one model do it for all!!!
    4 or 4s-shouldn’t matter-make them BOTH dynamic compatible and air drop compatible.
    Make it where we can change the fonts too!!

  • Kmaapple

    Can’t wait for the jailbreak. When they pick and choose what we can or cannot access due to having an older product purchased from them it doesn’t make sense. We chose their company and their thanks is to force everyone to buy their newer products in order to achieve all the new functions of their updates. And they wonder why we’d rather void our warranty to jail break. Hmmmm.

  • Ashlee

    It sucks how iPhone 4 users still don’t get animated wallpapers:(

  • noone

    Really, so if you do the jailbreak… all of a sudden your processing power is ok?? That makes sense doesn’t it?

  • Evis Pour Sitar

    does it support Ipod touch 4th gen