iOS 7 gives a warning if you use unauthorized Lightning cables or accessories

Folks at Life On My Mobile report that iOS 7 gives a warning when you use an unauthorized Lightening cables and accessories. 

It prompts the following warning message when you plug an authorized accessory:

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.


You can dismiss the warning message, so it doesn’t stop you from using the accessory.

The teardown of the Lightning connector has revealed that it has four embedded chips, including a security chip from Texas Instruments. So Apple is probably using it to figure out if the accessory is made by an authorized MFI (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) partner. It is also limited only to iPhone 5, iPad mini, 5th generation iPod touch and 4th generation iPad that have a Lightning connector.

It remains to be seen if Apple will crackdown on such unauthorized accessories as Life On My Mobile are speculating. We highly doubt it. But it’s going to be annoying if iOS 7 is going to warn you each time an unauthorized cable or accessories is plugged to the iPhone.

Life On My Mobile via MacRumors

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  • Johann Appleseed

    Wow… sort of Orwellian.

  • blu

    well thats annoying. I know that my cables are not “authorized” and I don’t care. The do what I need them to. I would hope it is a one time thing, but I guess that would be another JB tweak that would be needed if it does pop up every time.
    I guess if you bought one thinking it was a “real” cable and it is not that could be helpful.

  • NoOneCares

    Wow – not news. iOS6 has always done this.

    • blu

      my iPhone 5 and iPad mini (both on iOS 6) do not say anything when using “unauthorized” lightning cables.

      • NoOneCares

        I’ve seen it on my iP5 on iOS6. This type of warning started back in iOS4 for non-Apple video cables (saw it on my iP3G). Maybe they are getting more consistent about it.

    • Raf

      Not true @NoOneCares:disqus .

      iP5 (iOS 6.1 JB) charging and data sharing on cheap cable replacement, and no notification about it, dude.

      • NoOneCares

        I’ve seen the warning on my iP5 before with non-Apple cable. So, yes, it is true. Might be more enforced on iOS7, but it’s not new.

        • iPhoneHacks

          Please can you share a screenshot. We’ve seen this accessory is not supported warning messages, but definitely not the iOS 7 warning message.

          • NoOneCares

            I replied in a new comment. Navigating here from email gave me full access to this page instead of the restricted mobile view.

          • ahgm

            disgusting, even i used genuine ipod lightning cable!!

  • Bri

    Yeah my unauthorized cables stopped working after the upgrade to iOS 7. I get the warning screen and it looks like it’s charging, but it really isn’t. The cables still work on the other phone we have.

  • NoOneCares

    @iPhoneHack – this comment system quickly becomes unusable on iPhone. I couldn’t click on reply and the page won’t zoom in to give precise ability to click /rant.
    Anyway – I can’t provide a screenshot – it only happened once or twice – I remember that when it happened, the phone was charging but no data connection (not recognized in iTunes) on later connections with the same cable everything was fine. Perhaps things changed after 6.0? Also, I can’t confirm the wording was exact – but the gist was the same. My initial post was in reaction to the flurry of blog posts about this message – like it was major news when very similar messages have been around for a long time. I’m more annoyed that on iPhone 4 the dock is opaque – it’s very ugly and distracting – no reason it couldn’t have been translucent – the FaceTime app shows images from the front facing camera behind the screen when you open it for Pete’s sake!

  • Benjamin H.

    If it only were “annoying” – it also refuses to charge. My iPhone5 with iOS7 goes down all the way, while plugged in to an original Apple charger with an “unauthorized” cable. Syncing music onto the iPhone sucks the battery life right out of it.

    And all this after the original cable decided to burn out. I wouldn’t have third party cables if I hadn’t found Apple’s cable with a solid black spot and a whiff of burnt electronics one day. It’s quite ridiculous.

  • Gabriel Mornat

    Scandalous !

  • Danni Abbott

    Here is the message that came up on my iPhone 5 ios7

  • Danni Abbott


    • Brett Weisband

      I just started getting this message today with nothing but my iPhone 5 headphones plugged in. Concerned this may be an issue with the phone, as it keeps popping up every few minutes even when I dismiss it.

  • Johnny Kong

    This thing pops up 10 times in 5 minute (even after you unplug the cable). Yea understand the rational behind… but Apple let me ask you… why do i need to use another cable instead of the one provided in the box when i got my phone? BECAUSE IT”S ALREADY BROKEN!!!!!!! the ‘authorized’ cables malfunction after around 4-6 months!!!! and yea.. service center.. under warranty… how long does it take to go to the 1-2 Apple stores in town, get in line and get a cable replaced? I can get an a replacement down the street 4-5 times cheaper.

  • Not happy, Jan

    After I updated to iOS 7 I get this message even when I use the cable that came in the box!? I can’t tell from the outside, but one would assume when you buy an iPad (at a duty free store at Sydney Airport) the accessories in the box are authorised??

  • Calixto Sanchez

    Apple is a disgrace…

  • Jay

    Ya uh wow I guarantee you this household will never see another Apple product again. Ever! I will now begin educating my kids in the Anti-Apple way. I will encourage them to educate their friends at school the same.

  • Bill Sparkington

    I’m on vacation this week. You know what that means, way excessive phone use in camera, photosynth, google maps live, icloud, texting, and facebook posts (look what exotic things I’m doing while all you swells are back home languishing.) I left the hotel room with 100 percent power. By noon it was 13 percent. By 1pm it was 3 percent. My last google entry was to find the Apple store. I was going to see if they had one of those emergency chargers. The closest store was just a coupe miles away. I went in and asked the greeter about an emergency charger. He sends me back to accessory wall where another guy then shows me the juice pack. Hell, its $130. I told him I just had a dead phone and needed a charge. He then takes the phone back to the geek bar and plugs it in. Guess what, the warning comes up. He then tells me the circuit that actually detects the rogue cables is not that good and often gets false alerts. I left it with him as we shopped around the mall and when I returned, it had a full charge.

  • Kenneth Næss

    i get the same message that u guys do . but i have a original iphone 4 , 5 and ipad mini charger, but my battery in the phone is unoriginal