iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: App icons comparison chart


Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 Keynote address yesterday, which features a completely redesigned user interface and new features such as Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, smarter multitasking and iTunes Radio.

As part of the redesign, Apple has also redesigned the app icons to go with the flatter design.

Sentry, UI designer of the jailbreak tweaks such as Auxo points out that Apple has marginally increased the size of the app icons from 114 pixels to 120 pixels in iOS 7.

Twitter user @pawsupforu (via iClarified) has created a comparison chart which compares icons of 24 iOS apps developed by Apple in iOS 6 and iOS 7. Do you like the iOS 7 app icons? Let us know in the comments.


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  • DJ Flea

    Some icons in iOS 6 are better or looks better than iOS 7. For me: stocks, calendar, reminder, safari and notes. They look better in iOS 6 than iOS 7. It’s my opinion.

  • Magicmikey

    The old icons took much more adv of the retina display.. Looked more elegant and classy before in general.. Well see..

  • Arthur Seabra

    Forgot settings …one of the better looking redesigns.

  • lucas182

    Some of these new icons dont make any fricken sense. The GameCenter icon and the Photos icon, for instance… It’s PHOTOS, not Corel Draw. And it’s GAMES, not some weird multicolored!

  • greybeard

    The new icons are absolute rubbish. Disgusting! I would NEVER update my iPhone 4S to iOS7 if it won’t be absolutely necessary for some newer version of app what is important for me.

    • TomMikele

      Disgusting? Get a life.

    • AppleAnalist

      It seems you don’t update much anyway on a 2 year old phone.

  • Frizlab

    All of the iOS 7 icons are repelling to me. Period.

  • Big Mrv

    I think Steve is rolling in his grave with these nasty new icons…

  • Crow

    I see they finally fixed the Maps icon to where you no longer drive off a bridge to get on the interstate.

  • josh

    Looks like a little kid designed these apps with the color theme.

  • Thej Vorheess

    yo, i have a few spots left on my dev account on apple, let me know if you want some, you will be able to download and install officially the IOS7

  • deose

    If all apps could have this look, then I could potentially enjoy it. The problem I see with this is, is that it is going to have the same problem as custom icon themes from cydia. The “stock” apps are all themed, but everything else will be the original icon, and won’t flow with the overall theme, thus making it an eyesore.

    I do appreciate this article though. Thank you for putting up the comparisons side by side.

  • Boss

    Found a bug in IOS 7………. siri ON/OFF toggle is not working properly…………..just try

  • Emil

    I love the general idea of the ios 7 icons, but imo the colors are too bright and it comes off as way too cartoonish and childish. I like the calendar icon very much, yet the gamecenter icon doesn’t tell me anything. If I had no labels I’d never be able to tell that it’s a games related app. Also, the matte glass effect seems tacky to me, but that’s my opinion.

  • Steve Nguyen

    YUCK. Thank god for Winterboard.

  • Hessam

    All good. Except those terrible icons of Safari and photos! Let’s be optimistic that they will change in the final release. It looks Johny Ive just designed those crap icons minutes before the keynote opening!

  • den

    disgusting. very dissapointed with design.

  • paul


  • King

    Worst design..wish if they can roll back to ios6 look and feel….

    If i go into settings, i feel like some kid has written with a pencil on a paper and they colorized with blue…

    Phone dial pad is worst….s4 dial pad looks nice.

    Very disappointed with ios7

  • Swan

    I personally think they messed up with these icons. One thing i loved about the old icons was the sense of detail and smoothness in them. Now it looks like the icons were designed by some 3-year-old kids. The colours seem to be copied straight off a carnaval. Its way too colourful and bright, giving it a very amateuristic feel.

  • ogga booga

    i agree that the old icons really showed off the retina display, but it seems apple really really really wanted to move away from the old designs left by their previous guy in charge of design. I mean, if you watch the keynote, they seemed enjoy saying ‘there wasn’t enough felt left’ when they talked about the redesign of gamecentre. Also, gamecentre icon doesn’t make sense, but other than that i can see them tweaking the designs very subtly with the release of iphone 6. Which is coming out next year by the way. Steve Jobs told me so.

  • sasa

    please release a IO7 jailbreak theme for this someone. In the distant future I can see people using the io6 theme for their new io7 devices.

  • SandyK

    Like the old ones much better, they are bolder.

  • gowheelin

    If they are trying to set themselves apart… they are doing it…. apart from steve jobs ideals and more status quo. If they are trying to simplify for translucency to make the 3d effect work i can see where they were trying to go…..but they just ended up in kindergarden.

  • David

    I really love the Game Center app icon now.

  • MUFan

    Just upgraded… juries out so far.. my iPhone 4 is very sluggish – more so than with ios6. Extra features from lock screen are useful. But who really cares about new icons – in-fact they seem harder to see now. Really can’t see the point in wasting £700 in a new phone thats quicker with a finger print reader. ( Siri is just a gimmick thats gets boring after 5 mins)
    Very disappointed. I’ve always hated the plasticy Galaxies 3 and 4 but at least they have a nice big screen.
    I waited all this time and now I still don’t know which phone to go for.

  • JaredPsi

    Photos icon looks like NBC logo….

  • Andy

    Horrible, absolutely HORRIBLE!!

  • Matt

    New icons are terrible, who came up with this rubbish…..a five year old?. Old icons are way better looking! Wish i never loaded ios7…

  • americaintoilet

    what absolute bull crap this is enough for me to never use iphone again i need glasses just to see what DATE it is!!!

  • Wagner Terrero Mella

    The IOS 6.1.4 had better color and definition. The iPhone look like a Chinese replica when you use the dialer key pad or when you use the sliding bar.
    I need to downgrade to 6.1.4 and I can’t. I love Iphone but I hate the IOS 7.
    Apple should let the user to use the operating system the each user want to use.
    And how we, the Dominicas say: Coño pa’ que diablo cambié el jodío IOS a mi celular!!!…