iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: UI elements compared

There’s a whole lot of UI elements that got a major facelift in iOS 7. We’ve told you about the redesigned stock apps, the redesigned icons and in this post, we show you a comparison of the default UI elements in iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Apple recommends using translucent UI elements, border less buttons, and “flat” icons, many of them just outlines, all of which are reflected in the default UI. Here’s the comparison:

ios ui elements

Apple believes that the new UI elements, together with the entire new design language, would help emphasise content more than the UI.

The reaction has obviously been polarising, with some claiming they’re switching to Android while others urging everyone to wait for the annoyances and problems to be sorted out through the beta cycle.

What do you think?

Via: @ManzoPower

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  • Srs913

    IOS 7 is pure genius, its a fresh rebranding of what we have grown to like. In my opinion, Apple hit their mark with this IOS and overall, you just can’t please everybody.

    • TMMao

      you just can’t fool everybody. FTFY

      • Joey Acevedo

        Totally agree! I’ll keep my apple devices jailbroken so I can use them to their potential. Then just maybe when they add futures they copycat from other OS platforms or copy cat popular jailbreak tweaks! Then maybe just maybe I’ll update my devices past iOS 6.1.1 and I agree I’m really really loosing it with apple! They do not make a better product they just use better materials! Cause android is really blowing them out of the water with WHAT you can do with your device as opposed to apple limiting what you can do with your device you handsomely pay for!

        • Pacomacman

          So what exactly is Apple missing that you can do on Android and not on iOS7. I use an Android phone (HTC One), but apart from the bigger screen I can’t honestly say its any better than my iPhone. All people seem to bang on about is customisation, widgets and animated wallpapers, which are pretty insignificant.

    • Pacomacman

      You obviously haven’t tried it yet or are not a developer. I’m an iOS nut, have released lots of iOS apps and love everything Apple, not liking what I’m seeing with iOS7. Apple have made life difficult for developers, requiring a major rewrite of apps for no good reason other than to fit in with their new layouts. It’s destroyed the layout of my apps, and I’m going to be forced into supporting iOS7 only so I don’t have to carry two sets of assets!


    Paint by numbers. Looks like a down grade

  • Tonytuntun100

    The iOS is a complete copycat of everything Android has been doing for years. Apple still has not motivated me to lose my JB. Where is the simple BiteSms functions…

    • JD

      the ui looks nothing like android….

  • britjoe

    what ive seen so far I like too, I thik the Iphone needs a refresh and this is a nice direction

  • Duston Foster

    Been running IOS 7 Beta since day one, I am loving it !

  • Pacomacman

    My iPad supports both HDMI and memory cards with the use of a cheap sub $10 adapter. I’d also like to point out that newer Android devices can’t actually use SD cards to store program’s which is why many top end devices don’t have them (my HTC One for instance). At least I can get 128GB of storage on an iPad to which I can install 128GB of programs. No Android device I know of can do this!

    • Atif

      i need your help . i have iphone 4s with 6.1.3 ver i have to install unknown source apps on apple but i dont knw how i can do that please help me if you r a developer of ios so help me i m waiting for ur reply ….. email me :

      • JD

        you cant

        • Atif

          why ? not any alternative solution ?

          • JD

            not right now, and no one is working ios 6 anymore so you’ll be waiting awhile.

    • Jay

      Android phones are just as easily jailbroken (rooted) to where they can store programs on sd cards, I had an older android and i kept running out of space, I made it all work with some rooted apps that cleared out all the junk verizon puts on phones and let me do basically whatever with it including using tor…

  • fireknight25

    I’ve been using iphone since the first gen. I think whoever responsible for IOS 7 will be fired like the persons that was responsible for the new map system on IOS 6. It does look exactly like OS from Mirosoft, Nokia, HTC and Samsung. By the end of this everyone else is going to sue apple instead of other way around. Projecting Apple franchise lost billions in the future news headline. A major disaster waiting to be released. Nothing more than an apology from the CEO to the loyal customers and the promise to working on it to correcting the issue. I myself would boycott updating and upgrading to spare myself of the headache of dealing with it.

    • JD

      what are you talking about?

    • qa


      That was some creative trolling …a useless premise, no facts, and reactionary vitriol. If you knew anything, the one who designed the previous UI also did this one ..

      • fireknight25


        Most comments on this website is trolling …and unless in most extent. Facts could be found by searching UI such as google UI on android or most of the application UI in Androids and Windows. This flat looking UI has been almost a decade old and most devices have this same look these days. I don’t know everything. One thing is certain to me, he ran out of ideas…

        Thank you for taking interest in my creative trolling.

  • JD

    noot sure why they changed the switch color to green…

    • Sebastian Rasch

      True, everything is blue and then all of a sudden – big fat green switch. Why?

  • Sebastian Rasch

    I really like most of those GUI changes. I hope they’re gonna change the ugly icons though. They don’t fit at all.

  • Esswasim

    I think IOS7 is new but IOS 6 is warm and genius, I believe skewmorphism is more meaningful and apple is making a mistake, taking away those elements from IOS could have long term negative effect and magic will be lost in time.

  • Kris

    I haven’t used it yet, so I’m not in a good position to say, but I will observe that the iOS 7 controls all look very similar to each other now. Everything is just text! Is it a button? A picker item? A nav bar? I don’t know! The difference seems pretty subtle. It’s one of those things that seems like I’m going to need to think about a lot more, rather than being able to identify it by its visuals.

    My first thought was that this means I’ll be poking at things a lot more, just to figure out what they can do. Maybe that was the intention: to get people to touch the screen more. Who knows?

    My second thought is that maybe context will help determine usage, so that in practice I’m not actually sitting there scratching my head wondering what some text does. The word “Cancel” is probably always a button, for example, so at least one usage of one control is obvious. Maybe others are, too.

    But this probably requires designers to be much more careful. A button in iOS 6 is definitely a button, but in iOS 7 you need to take into account that a user who doesn’t know your app might not have any clue what all the words on the screen do. Maybe that’s intentional, too?

    Personally, I don’t get it. All the best apps I use already use custom controls. The worst apps that simply use the default system controls are the ones with lousy designers, which are most in need of extra visual clues, which we aren’t going to get any more. That seems backwards to me.