DoCoMo: “I think the iPhone with its own OS is like DisneyLand.”

NTT DoCoMo, the largest wireless operator in Japan with over 60 million subscribers, doesn’t carry that iPhone. Both the second largest and third largest operators (each with roughly 30 million subscribers) do, so it says a lot that a player twice as large refuses to play ball.

But why is that?

According to Senior Executive Vice President Kazuto Tsubouchi, who spoke to The Wall Street Journal recently, the answer is simple. Apple wants operators to make far too many concessions. And the OS is locked down, almost “like DisneyLand”, which makes it hard for DoCoMo to make money off their services.

What about Android? Tsubouchi says that the company has learned from the mistake of offering a huge amount of variety, and instead they’re going to focus on just two models. In this case, it’s the GS4 from Samsung and the the Xperia A from Sony.

Will DoCoMo ever change their mind? The answer here is tricky. Tsubouchi brings up a great point. Say DoCoMo does start carrying the iPhone, will the customers who left the network come back? If not, then what’s the point?

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  • Wittewel

    Mmm that are those guys behind Imode in 2000/2003. That wasnt closed???, damn that was kinda useless service.

  • mkimid

    Make sense, business is the business. Actually, it is hard to think the benefit with Apple iPhone is better than Android if they just want to select one of them

  • Tom

    The point is that it offers your current customers the option to get an iPhone as opposed to leaving for one of the other guys. Also, it can attract customers that want to be on your service but don’t want to give up their iPhone. If this guy was running Verizon, then they wouldn’t have jumped on the iPhone band wagon either. i think they feel they are too big to bother with the iPhone very much like the #1 wireless carrier in China. In the end, they’ll come to see the light.

  • Baka Taka

    Docomo is too oldschool. When I left to softbank they asked me directly if it was due to iPhone. Their data rate and plans are over priced too. They are milking all the dumb old rich business men who dont care to pay $300 a month for imode and email as they are behind in their bubble mind set. They finally changed their dated 90’s bubble logo to look like Softbanks only a few years ago. Docomo will change their mind once the iPhone is not popular and everyone has moved on to embedded phones in our head.