Leaked photos of iPhone 5S reveals new A7 chip with 1GB RAM


MacRumors has published some more leaked photos, which they claim are of the next generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5S.

Last week, the leaked photos of the iPhone 5S revealed that it will come with a bigger battery and dual-LED flash.

However, it was difficult to figure out if the next generation iPhone would come with a variant of the A6 chip that powers the iPhone 5S or it will be powered by the next generation A-series chip, the A7. MacRumors speculates that based on the new photos, the iPhone 5S prototype seems to be powered by the next generation A7 chip.

As seen in one photo, the chip carries an Apple model number of APL0698, suggesting that this is indeed intended to be branded as an A7 chip rather than a modification on the A6 chip found in the iPhone 5. The original A6 chip carried a model number of APL0598, with the A6X found in the fourth-generation iPad carrying an APL5598 model number, demonstrating how Apple varies the first digit for members of a given A-series family and increments the second digit when transitioning to a new family. 

Apple’s pattern of model numbers can be seen even more clearly in the A5, which has seen several different variations over its lifetime. That chip debuted with an APL0498 model number, with a later die shrink carrying an APL2498 model number. Yet another version of the A5 appeared earlier this year in a tweaked Apple TV, with that chip carrying an APL7498 model number.


MacRumors also reports that new iPhone 5S chip indicates that it has Elpida DRAM, and apparently only 1GB RAM like the iPhone 5.

The report also points out the photos are probably of an early prototype as it seems to have been assembled as early as December 2012. The new iPhone 5S chip also has a K1A0062 identifier, which could indicate that the chip was made by TSMC instead of Samsung, as chips manufactured by Samsung typically start with an “N”. This is interesting as we’ve heard earlier today that Apple and TSMC deal is now complete.

MacRumors has also published a more close-up photo of the rear camera with dual-LED flash. According to rumors, iPhone 5S could feature a 12-megapixel camera with an improved HDR and night shooting (thanks to the dual-LED flash).


Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S along with the cheaper iPhone in September.

Via: MacRumors