Leaked schematics reveal iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone design?

iphone 5s render

A case maker has created design schematics and 3D renders of iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone, showing the expected dimensions for the two devices. The schematics are based on the blueprints the company has received from its sources in Apple’s supply chain.

The blueprints, unsurprisingly, show the iPhone 5S having the same shape and size as the iPhone 5, but what’s revealing are the schematics for the “iPhone Lite,” a name given to the cheaper iPhone by the case maker.

iphone 5s blueprint

The iPhone Lite is expected to be slightly wider and taller than the iPhone 5S. It is shown to have a thickness of 8.5mm, which is 0.8mm more than the iPhone 5’s thickness of 7.7mm. Unlike recent models, the cheaper iPhone would reportedly have rounded edges, as seen on the iPod touch.

If you have a look at the designs closely, you’ll notice that the volume buttons on the “iPhone Lite” are longer, pill-shaped, and not circular. A few months ago, we had posted an image of the budget iPhone’s alleged rear shell, which shares the same features shown in the designs here.


The LED flash on the iPhone 5S is pill-shaped, as opposed to circular, possibly hinting at a dual LED flash.

iphone 5s mockup

Case makers like to be prepared for new Apple hardware, so that they can have their accessories available for the new devices on launch day. It’s however important to note that case makers have been wrong on previous occasions about future iOS devices.

Rumors suggest that both these devices would be launched in the September-October timeframe.

Via: Apple Insider

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  • Alan

    I wonder when Apple will give us an all-new design.

    • Cjbj

      Not till iPhone 6

  • Trofted6806

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    • whodamanyoudaman

      are you serious?

    • StinkyNuts

      Does she spam comments too??

  • Itsyaboy

    Apple must be smokin crack, are they searious ? I thought they was actually going to catch up with samsung and htc and they still choose to release a half ass upgrade wtf is wrong with them ? Arent there stocks doing horrible because of shit like this ?

    • StinkyNuts

      How are you surprised by this?? It’s been their business model for YEARS!
      3G–>3GS | 4–>4S | 5–>5S |
      What next? You gonna be mad that apple jacks don’t taste like apples??
      They only have to “catch up” after their product is already a year old..
      Somebody around here is smoking crack. Hopefully they aren’t expecting..