Liquid cooling coming to the next iPhone?

Back in May of this year, NEC unveils the “world’s first” liquid cooled smartphone. Forget about pumps and radiators, this is a smartphone we’re talking about after all; it uses heat pipe technology. The principle is really simple to understand. Fill a metal tube up with a liquid, usually a mix of water and ethanol. Attach one end of it to something hot, like a CPU, and the other end to something cool. When the CPU gets hot, the warm liquid travels towards the cool element thanks to entropy, and then the cool liquid comes to do its job.

According to DigiTimes, tier one smartphone brands are investigating this technolog and might introduce it in their products as early as Q4 of this year. What does “tier one” mean? Companies like Apple and Samsung, the big boys.

Personally, I’d rather have chip companies make more power efficient chips than to see smartphone makers start adopting exotic cooling solutions. What’s next, a phone with an exhaust vent? We’ll see 20 nanometer chips come out during the first half of 2014, so here’s hoping they’ll help alleviate any heating issues.

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  • Daring2bHonest

    I prefer a phone that is waterproof and a glass screen that won’t crack.

    • Franklin Richards

      For those who want revolution this is the answer. Be it a rather OTT solution for current technology but it’s still revolution.
      But I’m with you a waterproof phone would be nice.

    • moe22


  • JD

    they need to do something….you cant watch a video or play a game for more then 30 mins without it getting hot

  • Evlspcmk

    This is the same thing the original Xbox360 had and we all know how that turned out, how much did Microsoft have to pay for 3 red ring warranty.

  • nik

    i prefet a phone that its battery can last 2 days.