New 16GB iPod touch disassembled, reveals minor changes

Apple quietly updated the iPod lineup with a new 16GB variant of the 5th generation iPod touch a few days back. Following an initial first-look at the device courtesy of a YouTube video, folks at iFixit have got their hands-on the new device, and have posted a detailed teardown.

We already know the external differences between the 16GB and the 32GB/64GB variants — the lack of a rear camera, no loop wrist strap — but iFixit’s teardown shows what’s changed internally. Here are their findings:

[T]here’s a gap on the logic board where the camera cable used to connect, the microphone moved from the back of the iPod to the top, and the baffling post for “the loop” has been nixed.

The exclusion of two main components has earned the iPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB a new model number from its 32 and 64 GB brothers: A1509.

ipod touch teardown 2
Left: iPod touch with rear camera (top right) Right: 16GB model without camera

iFixit notes that apart from the difference in flash memory, all ICs on the 16GB variant’s logic board are the same as the 32/64GB model, including the A5 processor, and the 512MB of RAM. The iPod touch’s repairability score hasn’t changed either, due to many components being soldered together and the use of clips and adhesives instead of screws.

ipod touch teardown 1
Left: iPod touch with loop (bottom right) Right: 16GB model without loop

For the entire teardown, head over to iFixit’s website.