PlexConnect: Clever hack brings Plex to Apple TV without jailbreaking


There are a number of reasons people jailbreak or want to jailbreak their Apple TV, one of those reasons is to be able to install plugins for Plex.

Plex is a media player system that includes Plex Media Center, the front end media player and an associated media server called the Plex Media Server.

The Plex Media Center allows user to manage and play videos, photos, music and podcasts from local or remote computer running the Plex Media server.

The good news is you no longer need to jailbreak your device to use Plex on your Apple TV.  Some folks have just released a hack called PlexConnect to bring Plex to Apple TV and the best part about it is, without the need to jailbreak the device.

Here’s how it works:

Usually tweaks involve modifying app binaries or running compiled code on the Apple TV, but, in this case, Plex does all its magic on the server, that is your PC or Mac. The tweak intercepts all requests sent by the Apple TV Trailers app and responds with content from your Plex server in the same format as so that the app can understand the data. This way, the Trailers app on your Apple TV is tricked into believing that the videos from your Plex server are actually trailers, and plays them without any problems

You can click on this link to install PlexConnect and if you’re running the Apple TV 5.2 software update then you can try this version, it includes a few more tweaks. And here’s the link to the installation guides.

Let us know how it goes in the comments.


Updated the post with a better explanation on how the hack works.

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  • Nic Marvel Currie

    how do i install on pc never seen the files before plz help

  • Nic Currie

    Ok got to final step but when I double click plex it does nothing help plz been stuck with piggie backing films off iphone to atv3 so want this badly

  • Mauro

    I have the 5.0.2 software, but if I upgrade the software to be installed the 5.2.1

    • Mauro

      sorry for my bad english :D

  • flako2nd

    When i start trailers app i get a “No Response From Plex Media Server” message. Does anybody know how to fix this?

    • Anon

      I get the same message :(

    • drnicket

      You can temporarily fix it (until the next time) by restarting the PlexMediaServer.

  • ajg223

    when trying to change the directory I keep getting “no such file or directory” any suggestions?

  • Nic Currie

    Getting there now what none off these pages tell you is you need to have plex server already installed on your pc for this to work lol

  • Jase

    As per Nic Curries comment
    You must have Plex SERVER installed for this to work.
    Get it here

  • molimc

    PLEX CONNECTION Apple Tv 3 Tutorial