7 Reasons why you shouldn’t install iOS 7 beta


This may be a few days late and not applicable if you’re a developer, but based on the interest we are seeing from regular users and ways to install it even without being developer, we thought we should highlight some of the reasons why you should avoid installing iOS 7 beta.

1. Compatibility issues with apps

We’re hearing a number of issues with third-party apps on iOS 7. This is not the developers fault so please don’t post a bad review for it in the App Store. They still have to update their apps for iOS 7. They will only be able to fix the issues and push the updates to the App Store when Apple releases iOS 7 Golden Master, which will be sometime in September.

2. It’s buggy

In addition to compatibility issues with third-party apps, there are number of bugs even in the stock apps, which can cause the Springboard to crash or the device to reboot. It can be quite annoying if it happens while you’re writing an important email, in the middle of a call or about to hit your highest score while playing your favorite game.

There is a reason why Apple is calling it a beta and not a public release and is limiting access to developers of iOS Developer program. Apple will use the beta phase, which usually lasts for three months to fix the crashing issues and bugs. Developers will also use this phase to update their apps to the new iOS 7 UI and fix the compatibility issues.

If you really want to help then please feel free to report bugs to Apple here.

3. Downgrading to iOS 6

While there is an easy way to downgrade to iOS 6 from iOS 7 beta, you can run into some serious issues. You won’t be able to restore your device from an iOS 7 backup after downgrading to iOS 6.x.x. You will be able to restore your device only to an iOS 6.x.x compatible backup. This means that the data between the time you upgraded to iOS 7 to the time you downgraded will be lost.

In fact, Apple warns users that they won’t be able to downgrade back to the previous version.

4. No Jailbreak

If you’ve a jailbroken device, then please note that you will lose the jailbreak if you upgrade to iOS 7 beta. Hackers won’t release tools for beta versions of iOS software updates as Apple could fix the vulnerabilities used by the jailbreak tools in the final version. So you will only be able to jailbreak your device when hackers release a jailbreak for the public version of iOS 7.

5. No help

You also won’t get help or support from either the developer or Apple for the problems you hit with iOS 7 beta. Developers will tell you to wait for the final version of iOS 7 and Apple may tell you to wait for the next beta version for the fix. Even developers don’t install beta versions on their primary devices. They usually have devices specially for testing their apps on beta versions of iOS.

6. Not fully optimized

iOS 7 beta is also not yet fully optimized. Apple is most likely collecting debug information to help them track and fix bugs, which could have an impact on performance. We also expect Apple to continue to improve the performance during the beta phase.

7. Expectations

We’re seeing a lot of negative comments about iOS 7. People are upset that iOS 7 beta is buggy and laggy. If you’re a developer then we’re sure you have experienced this, but if you’ve been a user who has downloaded the final releases, then iOS 7 beta can come as a rude shock as you’re probably used to the rock solid performance of iOS. The beta version is not meant for end users, so don’t install it. Developers trying to compare iOS 7 beta with iOS 6 beta is pointless. Apple has made significant changes in iOS 7, so expect a lot more bugs in iOS 7 beta compared to previous beta versions.


As well-connected blogger, Jim Dalrymple mentioned, iOS 7 is still work in progress. iOS 7 is nowhere near finished in terms of design or functionality. We understand the curiosity, but wait for iOS 7 to be released so you don’t have to deal with the issues we’ve mentioned here.

But don’t worry, things will improve as Apple releases new beta versions over the next few weeks, but if you’re looking for the rock solid performance then you should wait for the final version. Please don’t set the wrong expectations and then complain if Apple doesn’t meet them.

So there you have it. We hope that this gives you a better perspective on why you should not install iOS 7 beta.

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  • Steve

    I quite like it and have only found one bug, ok its a little sluggish but so what.

    • RandomGamer342

      The issue is occasional kernel crashes, incompatibilities with terribly programmed apps and the tendency for the LTE chip to be in constant use, even when it’s not supposed to be enabled in the first place, making your phone a makeshift frying pan and making your battery crash worse than bitcoin

      If you look past that, it’s quite great, even for a beta

  • genXhippie

    My iP5 is staying with the jb, thank you.

  • Mark W.

    Apple must be even more restrictive with iOS beta versions, no airhead idiot should be able to install a beta version on their iPhones… BETA VERSIONS ARE NOT FOR USERS !!

    • james

      You wanted to be the cool guy with iOS 7, then found out everyone else had it too x)

  • Dan Olofsson

    I don’t regret my update to iOS7. I like the extra features like video to photostream or Safari’s new layout for switching pages. Some program crashes but hey it’s a beta so that’s part of the experience. I said goodbye to my jailbreak due to the extra features. Jailbreak just isn’t as important like it was 1-2 years ago. At least not for me or the people I know using iOS.

    • Ziaul Qamar

      Very well said.

  • Mark B

    Sounds like 7 reasons to be a baby and not get the beta. Update if you get the chance. The software will only become more stable from here. Enjoy!

    • Eath

      Let me add to your post. As long as you accept the fact it’s a beta and instability is expected up until the official release, and don’t show your face crying about problems you have and asking for help in any forums. Especially developer forums, we don’t need you flooding and annoying the crap out of us, one of us were most likely already aware of the bug you think you were the first one to find. Thanks carry on.

  • wolverinemarky

    i dont mess with betas for a reason i think if your the frustrated type you should always steer clear of the beta and just wait for it to be ready

  • Chillaxer58

    Its the first beta people shouldn’t keep their expectations to high.

  • Lol E

    Be aware, I upgraded and loved it, had a few crashes now and again. Was all good but yesterday my Messages app stopped working and it would crash whenever I tried to open it… Ended up attempting to restore it back to IOS 7 fresh, this time around I couldn’t activate and it said it was due to me not being a developer!!! It seems Apple have closed the window for non-developers??! Unless I’m doing something wrong, worked fine first time..

    • Oggy

      You have to activate it with iOS 6, that’s the trick

    • Rizqy

      you must downgrade “Restore” to ios 6 Then “Update” again to ios7 that’s the trick .. :)

  • ffac789

    Yeah I don’t have an issue with iOS 7’s first beta. There are many small issues, but I’m enjoying the change. I don’t recommend it for anyone who needs everything working. Enough to suffice as a phone and a bit more. Can’t wait until the official release!

  • jetblac

    IOS 7 is Sweet. Made me hold off from switching to a S4.

  • Edward

    I cant text with ios 7 beta 2 becasue i text my friends and they say they dont get any of my my message since i upgraded to ios 7 beta 1 and 2 Help since i upgraded my friend dont get any messages i send and receive

  • Yellow

    You should add that iMessage and Facetime only work for developers who activate them through a developer’s interface. All other users will have to deal without them.

    Also, since beta 2 I have PUSH issues. All apps using this feature spam “Connect to iTunes to activate push”, but iTunes will not fix the bug.

    I’ve eventually managed to receive push notifications on WhatsApp, but the app has to run on the background. I cannot receive push notifications for email and twitter. Probably facebook doesn’t work as well.
    Some people have this bug, others don’t. Upgrade to iOS 7 beta 2 on your own risk.

  • Josh

    I’ve got iOS7 belta 6 but there is no bugs and I can do every thing normally

  • Reede Smith

    I agree with all these reasons, but I still love iOS 7 so much, I just had to get it!

  • Jason Gedrick

    I really like the ios 7 features and interface but after doing the upgrade, there was no more sound on my games although the iPhone volume is max and game sound is on with max volume too. my iPhone still has sound on ring tones, alarm, etc but not on games. I decided to downgrade my iP5 back to ios 6.1.4 but i still don’t have any sound on my games but i recently discovered that my games only have sounds when the earpods are connected but when i take it out, i have no more sounds again. I already tried erasing all data to start fresh but same issue. Hopefully, the official ios 7 update will fix this issue otherwise, I will need to have my iP5 checked on the apple store.

    • Anonymous

      You got lint in your headphone port. try playing with the volume if it says headphones when you don’t have headphones connected you probably got pocket lint in your phone by accident. You could look up ways to get it out, but sticking the original headphone jack that came with the device, and pulling it out fast worked for me on the third try.

  • Morteza

    It was beter if we could add more than 1 contact picture to any contact in new ios…
    I don,t know why coper with android in ios we can,t see the full contact number before compeletly have it typed..
    These were to demand that i need..