Reeder 3.2 to add support for Google Reader alternatives, iPhone app also goes free


Developer Silvio Rizzi of Reeder, one of most popular iOS apps for RSS, has just announced that Reeder 3.2 will support Google Reader alternatives like Feedly, Feed Wrangler and Fever.

The other good news is that Reeder for iPhone is also available for free now (regular price was $2.99).

Back in April, the developers had added support for Feedbin and made the iPad and Mac app free.

It already supports, Readability, Instapaper, Pocket, Evernote, Pinboard, Zootool, Delicious,, Twitter, Facebook, Buffer and Mail. It also allows you to add RSS feeds but it doesn’t sync them across devices.

The developer was initially planning to release a major update for the iPad and Mac app, but now plans to also release a major update for the iPhone app. He however will not be able to release them before July 1st.

Reeder 3.2 has already been submitted and should hit the App Store shortly.

Last night, Digg released a major update for its iOS app to add Digg Reader functionality, another Google Reader alternative.

Download links:

➤ Reeder for iPhone

➤ Reeder for iPad

➤ Reeder for Mac

Via: Reeder’s website


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