Semi-Restore: The tool that lets you wipe your iPhone without losing the jailbreak released

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Semi-Restore, the tool that promised to restore your iPhone to near stock condition without losing the jailbreak has been released over the weekend.

While there have been tools like iLEX R.A.T that allowed you to wipe your jailbroken iPhone, CoolStar, the developer of Semi-Restore has made the process significantly easier with this one-click app.

Here’s some of the things you should know about the Semi-Restore tool:

What this does do

  1. Uninstalls all Cydia packages
  2. Fixes host file issues
  3. Erases all user data
  4. Fixes permissions
  5. Fixes activation issues
  6. Fixes iMessage/Facetime issues
  7. Fixes Safe mode issues randomly appearing
  8. Reinstalls Cydia (in case it was deleted)

What this does not do

  1. Upgrade your iOS Version
  2. Downgrade your iOS Version
  3. Jailbreak your iOS Device
  4. Fix broken System Files

You iOS device must be jailbroken on iOS 5 to iOS 6.1.2 to use the Semi-Restore tool. You can use it even when the SpringBoard is not visible. However, here are some important points to note before you proceed:

  • SemiRestore supports Windows XP SP3 or higher, OS X 10.6 or higher, and Ubuntu 12.10 or higher (or the equivalent Linux).
  • There may be a better way to fix your current problem. For example, to fix “Safe Mode” issues, you can just uninstall Mobile Substrate from Cydia.
  • Like any other restore, make sure you backup your data if you want it later.
  • Avoid using your iOS device or anything related to iTunes or XCode during the Semi-Restore. Why not actually go outside?
  • This process can not and does not repair broken system files! Avoid all Siri Ports, as they are not only illegal (except for Spire on 5.0.1) but they also create problems and may potentially break system files (even Spire can cause this).
  • Your device will respring or reboot several times during the Semi-Restore. This is perfectly normal, so don’t panic.

You can download it from Semi-Restore’s website. It is available for Mac and Windows. The developer is also working on the Linux version and should release it shortly.

If you get an error saying that “MSVCP100.dll” was not found while trying to launch the exe file, then download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package from Microsoft (32-bit, 64-bit).

Semi-Restore seems like a great solution to fix the reboot loop problem if this solution doesn’t work, or you’re not able to identify the tweak that is causing it.

As always, let us know how it goes. Please note we haven’t tried it, but we’ll test it shortly and publish a tutorial soon.

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  • Andrew

    Yeah this works alright. If your trying to lose you jb. Don’t use. Ilex rat is way better.

    • Que

      That statement sounds kind of contradicting. It works alright, but you will still lose you jailbreak?

      • Stan

        maybe you need to read a bit more carefully ;-)

        The statement says… if you’re trying to lose your JB, don’t use.

        • Andrew

          I was being sarcastic. It probably works fine if you don’t have iTunes on your comp. iTunes opened during the process and it stopped the process midway through. Which in turn caused me to have to restore my phone. Just be wary if you use this. Ilex rat will do the same thing so you may be safer using ilex rat.

        • Bijomaru

          No. The statement says:
          “Yeah this works alright. If your trying to lose you jb. Don’t use.”
          Do you see full stops there? It can be read in two ways, depending on where you will imagine the coma. ‘Works all right, if you’re trying to lose JB” for me :P

          • Taylor Disic

            THERE IS NO COMA IN HIS ORIGINAL POST YOU PPL GET OVER IT! You know what he means and it’s all periods! All I care about is knowing if this works or has a chance to screw me and he answered that!

  • AAA

    It will NOT lose JB and it works as advertised. Try before scaremongering.
    The Windows version may be buggy as it crashes on launch, but restart the app and it works out fine. Patience required… let it run and reboot a couple of times.

  • Brian

    Damn I wish this was out a month ago when I had an endless reboot!

    • Olivia

      You may also use Myjad iTunes Backup Extractorto restore or recover your photos. contacts, videos, messages, safari history etc. from iTunes backup even though you have broken your iPhone or your phone is stolen. With this program, you can retrive data from backup to your computer local so that you will be able to view the file on your PC.

  • boooooo

    Dont work on OSX 10.7.5

    error message: cant open system restore, some of the files may be corrupt…. boooooooo!

  • Ralph

    I really wish I had this 3 months ago when my Iphone 5 took a sh*t and I had no choice but to update it cause I couldn’t get it out of boot loop

    • Richy Damacio

      Same exact thought with my iPad mini….
      Now it’s just good for Facebook and YouTube :|

  • James

    If you had to take your device into apple under warranty, and you needed to not let them find out your jailbroken; will this method work?

    I crack my screen, need to take it in, have jailbreak, use semi-restore, apple doesn’t notice it?

  • Sean

    It could not run because of a missing SQLite3.dll! please help!

  • Toomad

    iphone rebooted while semirestoring and now everytime i reset the phone it let me use it for 10 sec then the semirestore tries to start but nothing happening… what should i do….?

  • 18

    Could I use semirestore to get rid off itunes errors?

  • Libor Paulik


  • Moodi

    I did a semi-restore on my iPad 3 all went OK. BUT i have a big problem when I connected to iTunes to sync my date back it doesn’t work. I cant sync any information no Apps,Photos ,Music …

    Iphone Hacks PLEASE HELP.

  • b0ng

    Mind that all the old apps data (videos from player, downloaded apps) will be shoved to /var/mobile2 folder which will take space listed as ‘other data’. It was over 32GB in my case. I deleted mobile2 folder and now have less than 1GB ‘other data’ taking space. Don’t delete mobile folder as it is the current one. JB remains as it should. Tool is working fine, but remember about that dreaded ‘other data’ issue.

  • CTEngel

    I used semi-restore on my jailbroken iPad 1 and it now won’t activate. I have tried in dfu mode, restoring through itunes, activating through itunes, activating through wifi… nothing. What should I do?

  • S S M Kartheek

    I’m getting an error during the starting of the program itself

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    Does it work in iOS 6.1.4 iPhone 5???

  • Yoad

    its just crashing when im activatig it :( what should i do?