Skype Update brings free and unlimited video messaging to iPhone and iPad

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Few days back, Skype had announced that the video messaging feature was out of preview, which will allow users to send and receive as many video messages as they wanted.

Skype has just released an update for its iPhone and iPad app, which brings unlimited video messaging for free and other improvements.

Here’s what’s new in Skype 4.9:

  • Video messaging is now free and unlimited 
  • Audio and video call stability improvements. 
  • Share photos more reliably. 
  • Improved accessibility for video messaging. 
  • General fixes and improvements.

Recording a video message on your iPhone, iPad or Mac app is quite simple. When you tap on a Contact in Skype, you should now see a new “Video Message” button if the contact is offline (or tap on the More button for the Video message option for an online contact), tap on it. Then tap on the red record button when you’re ready to record the video message. The video message can be up to 3 minutes long. You also get the option to preview the recorded message, so you can delete and re-record it until you’re happy. When you’re ready, tap on the envelope icon to send the video message to the recipient. Recipients will get a notification and an email message, informing them about the new video message, which will appear in the message and call history.

You can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or download Skype for free from this direct iTunes link.

Let us know what you think of Skype’s video messaging feature. Do you plan to use it?

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  • David Dickinson

    If the other phone hasn’t a front facing camera,can you still send them a video message?

    • Macsimos

      The post clearly states it is for a video message of up to 3 min long, not a video call.

      • David Dickinson

        I did say video message NOT a video call,if the other phone does not have a front facing camera ( so it hasn’t any replying hardware) will it still receive my video message,or is it unable to receive a message as it hasn’t the hardware to reply?

        • Macsimos

          Why would you need a front facing camera to view a message. A video message is a text message that contains a video. Do you need a front facing camera to view pictures sent by text… nope; so the answer to your question is no.

          • David Dickinson

            I am referring to the new Skype messaging service and was on the understanding that you have to have a smartphone with a front facing camera to install the Skype software in the first place,I am not referring to sending a normal text with a video in it which is not a free service,please correct me if I’m wrong…………..Dave.