Slide2Kill Pro lets you kill apps with a swipe [Jailbreak Tweak]


Slide2Kill Pro is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to kill apps in the app switcher with swipe gestures.

If you’ve Auxo, the awesome replacement of iOS app switcher, installed on your jailbroken device then don’t bother reading further, as it already includes this feature.

You also won’t need it in iOS 7, as the redesigned app switcher lets you kill apps by swiping up on them.

Coming back to Slide2Kill Pro, it is a simple tweak. It allows you to kill apps running in the background with a swipe. It’s a lot more intuitive and quicker way to kill apps than tapping and holding an icon to put it in wiggle mode, and then tapping on the small cross button to kill it.

By default, swiping up or down will kill all the apps in the app switcher. However, you can configure the Settings to swipe up or down on an app to kill it and leave the other swipe gesture to kill all apps.

It also makes the inactive apps translucent, which is quite neat. You can also configure the slide sensitivity via the Settings app based on your preference (Settings -> Slide2Kill Pro).


Unlike Auxo, it doesn’t allow you to kill multiple apps by using multiple fingers, you have to kill one app at a time.

You can check out the demo video the jailbreak tweak in action below.

The jailbreak tweak offers a quick way to kill apps in the app switcher. However, please note that after installing the tweak you may have to disable and enable the tweak to get it to work.

Slide2Kill Pro is available for $0.99 on Cydia. There is also a free version of the tweak available that works fine, however the developer says that the pro version includes a number of improvements.

As always, let us know what you think of Slide2Kill in the comments.

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