Apple “Premium Reseller” in India selling iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta

The iOS 7 beta program is meant for developers to test their apps and report bugs with the OS, if any. That, however, doesn’t stop others from installing the OS on their own devices out of curiosity.

One Apple Premium Reseller in India is taking things to a whole new level by selling the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta installed, in an attempt to get people to buy the device from its store rather than other retailers.

iCentre Kilpauk, the premium reseller, promises a free iOS 7 upgrade to iPhone 5 buyers, and for those who already own one, a $20 upgrade. Apple’s known to crack down on UDID registration services that give access to developer betas for a few dollars, and it won’t be too pleased with one of its premium resellers selling the iPhone with an unstable OS that could lead to a bad experience for the end-user.

iCentre made announcements of these “promotions” on its Facebook page, but has since deleted these posts for obvious reasons. The folks at managed to screenshot these posts, one of which we’ve embedded below.


We imagine iCentre won’t be an Authorised Reseller of Apple products for long.

[via Cult of Mac]

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  • Andrew

    What a dumbass.

  • Shrivatsa Somany

    Right, as an Indian who has lived abroad AND here in equal measure…I am aware of (and have experienced) Apple’s legendary customer service. But here, it is absolutely *PATHETIC*. I can’t even begin to tell you how irritatingly entitled these “premium resellers” think they are. I had some foresight when I moved my entire family to Apple products (7+ macs, 7+ iPads, 5+ iPhones, 10+ iPods, Airports, Apple TV…you name it, someone has at least one). This is of course over 5-6 years. That said, I had the foresight to register ALL of those devices under my Apple ID…that is my muscle here. Apple “authorised service centers” try to screw you at every turn. I mean, I have a faulty iPhone 5…they’ve acknowledged it…they kept it for 4 days “UNDER OBSERVATION” and then took 3 days to process a return. I mean, what the hell Apple? I understand you can’t come in on your own because of the stupid FDI rules here, but you HAVE to start keeping stricter tabs on their entitled assholes (pardon me).

    /rant – since no one at Apple is going to read it anyway.

    • TBone

      i second u mate! i gave my ipad all they asked what was the issue and then finished. they never asked me what caused the problem. infact the online customer care did a battery diagnostics which they thought was done by another service centre and kept asking me where else i gave my iPad to and im like seriously?? u guys deal with apple right? and finally after almost a month today they called me to take my second replacement iPad as the one they gave me before was also defective :. i hope this piece is a good one.

  • Rockstar

    Really the time taken for replacement is bit lengthy but overall services provided by ahmedabad premium reseller is very good..!!!

  • airmanchairman