Style up your MacBook Pro keyboard with Lazerwood Keys [Deals Hub]

iPH - Lazerwood

If you’ve ever wanted to add even more class to your Unibody MacBook Pro, then this iPhone Hacks Deals offer will help you realize that dream.

Created to perfectly compliment Apple’s unique style, Lazerwood keyboard covers are something special. This unique product is made up of individual cherry wood key covers. The key covers attach individually to each key of your MacBook Pro Unibody – and any MacBook Pro after 2008 is a Unibody model – and they look amazing. Lazerwood Keys are a sleek way to make your MacBook Pro stand out…and at only $35 through this iPhone Hacks Deals offer, adding these stylish cherry wood keys is totally worth it.

The Lazerwood keyboard takes around 30 minutes to install. If installed incorrectly, crookedly, or in the wrong spot, you can always pop them off with your fingernail or a craft knife. Keep in mind that doing this may pop off one of your actual MacBook Pro keys but you can always pop those back into place. Also, the backlit lighting from the keys will not show through the Lazerwood keyboard – but the wood-grain style of Lazerwood Keys will show all day long!

Note: This promotion is only available to customers in the continental United States, and shipping is included. For all other reminders surrounding this offer please visit the Deals Hub.

This is one of the few products we’ve come across that that actually adds to Jony Ive’s acclaimed designs. These keys make your MacBook Pro look even better…something we didn’t know was possible. Get the Lazerwood keyboard in cherry wood for only $35 for a limited time from iPhone Hacks Deals – and spruce up your MacBook Pro even more today!

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