Apple just updated the iOS 7 webpage with tweaked icons [Update: Changes reverted]


iOS 7′s drastic redesign has indeed been polarising, with most observers taking objection to some of iOS 7′s stock app icons.

It looks like Apple is listening, as they’ve quietly updated the website with tweaked icons for Weather, Passbook and Reminders.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the icon for the Weather app has been completely redesigned. Folks at 9to5Mac, who were the first to spot the changes, speculate that the redesigned icon hints at the possibility of the Weather app showing the live weather. The changes to the Passbook and Reminders app are quite minor.


We’ve heard that what was presented earlier this week was firmly work in progress, and Apple would be iterating on the design front a lot more than it typically does during a beta release cycle to iron out these inconsistencies.

What do you think of the new icons? Are they better? Let us know in the comments.


As Stan has pointed out, Apple has updated the desktop website again and removed the tweaked icons. It now displays an animated icon, which rotates the new icons for a number of Stock apps and finally displays the iOS 7 logo with the ability to replay it. Apple has also tweaked the webpage for mobile devices as well. Thanks Stan for the tip!


iOS 7 design page on a MacBook Pro, which no longer shows the tweaked icons


iOS 7 design page on the iPhone, which no longer shows the tweaked icons

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