Apple just updated the iOS 7 webpage with tweaked icons [Update: Changes reverted]


iOS 7′s drastic redesign has indeed been polarising, with most observers taking objection to some of iOS 7′s stock app icons.

It looks like Apple is listening, as they’ve quietly updated the website with tweaked icons for Weather, Passbook and Reminders.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the icon for the Weather app has been completely redesigned. Folks at 9to5Mac, who were the first to spot the changes, speculate that the redesigned icon hints at the possibility of the Weather app showing the live weather. The changes to the Passbook and Reminders app are quite minor.


We’ve heard that what was presented earlier this week was firmly work in progress, and Apple would be iterating on the design front a lot more than it typically does during a beta release cycle to iron out these inconsistencies.

What do you think of the new icons? Are they better? Let us know in the comments.


As Stan has pointed out, Apple has updated the desktop website again and removed the tweaked icons. It now displays an animated icon, which rotates the new icons for a number of Stock apps and finally displays the iOS 7 logo with the ability to replay it. Apple has also tweaked the webpage for mobile devices as well. Thanks Stan for the tip!


iOS 7 design page on a MacBook Pro, which no longer shows the tweaked icons


iOS 7 design page on the iPhone, which no longer shows the tweaked icons

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  • steve

    Flat with depth

  • simonesweetweet

    Better before

  • Hessam

    weather? >>> good
    Passbook? >>> good
    Reminders? >>> too minor
    Photos? >>> too minor
    Safari? >>> pending

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I liked the cloud of the Weather icon better though. If they could somehow combine the temperature and the cloud/sun, that’d be nice.

  • Stan

    I think Apple just removed the ‘new’ icons on their website.

  • Kerry

    Yuck again!

  • James

    I think too many people are over-reacting to this icon stuff. I agree, it did look bad. But I think it’s causing too much Hoopla, I barely even pay attention to what my icons look like once I get used to them. They just need to calm down.

    • barondebxl

      You may be right but considering Apple changes their UI every 6 years it’s very understandable that fills wasn’t it done the right way…

  • Yashpal

    Did any one notice that the installing bar on the icons is the same as in ios 6

  • Michael Labrum

    The whole redesign is actually pretty interesting. I think the app icons have long been overdue for a fresh new take. Check out my hands on overview of iOS7 here:

  • CharlieC

    I’ve added just the ios7 icons to my 6.0.1 jailbreak. I think it looks great with a dark background. Much cleaner and a refreshed look, third party icons icons now look dated compared to them!

  • Pacomacman

    I think there are bigger problems than just the icons. Wait and see how the apps you know and love, which developers have spent many thoughtful hours designing are going to be destroyed by Apples new design. Sure you can download and install existing apps and they look no different, but when developers use the new compilers the design is shot to pieces. I’m already worried about the amount of time I’m going o have to spend redesigning my apps, some of which took years to write. I’m not a happy chappy!

    • Pacomacman

      …and all because a few people wanted a change! There was nothing wrong with iOS as it was. Sure the screen shots look fine, but I predict this will be the first version of iOS that won’t get a quick adoption rate like previous iterations. There are some really nice features that should have been added to the existing version of iOS instead of tearing out all the personality and leaving a blank canvas. It now looks as crap as Android!

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Well flat design could look really nice, take the Facebook icon for instance. Apple just screwed it here. Change would be nice, but not like this. They need GUI designers for the apps, not industry and marketing designers. That was just a bad call.

    • Zangpakto

      5 hours ago you posted…

      As a dev I already HAVE the OS installed and apart from some crashing issues, most apps I’ve tried actually fit into the design seamlessly without further input…

      There is more issues obviously but it’s not bad, so yea.

      Personally, it is a good OS and it still needs work sure, but it works well.

      Try it…

      • Keoni

        I second that Zangpakto

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Weather wasn’t one of the really bad ones. Newsstand, Safari, Reminders, Camera, Compass, Notes, iTunes and App Store, they’re all terrible.

  • Omon

    F*ck you gays!! Its only icon in a phone! Yes it looks like gay version of ios 6 but what matters is the features, right?

  • Angry at Apple

    It is CRUCIAL that Apple provide the option to view text in BLACK – not grey and especially NOT WHITE. People’s vision does not improve with age and grey on white can be / is very difficult to read. Apple should also let the use adjust the temperature (brightness) of the WHITE backgrounds, which tend to be grey or twinged with green tint. That was why I returned the latest version of the IPAD.
    If not heeded all of this spells disaster for the reception of the new IOS and devices

    • Barbara Fowler Kenyon

      I agree…the white background and the grey letters are very hard to see, but cant seem to find a way to change it in my settings.

    • NovaAustin

      If anyone has the answer please share. Also, all the folders I had apps bookmarked in are gone too. Help?

  • Keoni

    Does the new weather icon hint at a possible dynamic icon like the calendar and clock icons in OS7? That would rock, they already update the weather in the background why not the app?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Agreed, with an option to disable it.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Yep, that’d be cool. It would be enough if it would be updated every 3-5 hours so it wouldn’t consume too much energy.

  • Stan Bono

    I had those tweaked icones on my ios 7 iphone 5 , well , i had white icones , in place of currently downloading apps , they were white with those black cercles and lines .


    Yeah, sure people have their opinions about iOS 7, everyone’s entitled to one, but I haven’t seen anyone unreasonably hate on the design or try to impose those opinions on others. A lot of people form an attachment to their phones, it’s a highly personal device that gets used daily for them, of course people will voice their concerns.

    Apple are a company that sweat the small stuff, they generate fervour and loyalty like no other brand, they refer to their customers as ‘owners’ so they want people to become attached to their products. Their pursuit of a wholistic qualitative experience sets a very high standard. What other company has users complain about icons and fonts when they implement change.

  • Abel Goddard

    Reiterating: give me a 5 row keyboard and you can make the icons look however you want.

  • newalexandria

    That apple / Ive would even display the first set of icons ignites deep, grave, concern over their decision making process. As an apple advocate of 20 yr, I want them to get things right….. But patching some icons isn’t the solution to the underlying issue.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    I really hope they’ll change, they’re terrible. The alternative icons are not the slightest better. What’s that gradient stuff there all the time? It looks like a kid played with Paint Shop.

  • NovaAustin

    I would like the lettering under the icons on iPhone to be black; not white. Any help out there?