Add more protection to your iDevices with The Mini Utility Mac Bundle [Deals Hub]

iPH - Mini Utility Mac Bundle

A little bit of extra protection can go a long way – especially for those little device we love so much: our iPhones, iPods, and iPads. With The Mini Utility Mac Bundle, you’ll got 3 useful apps that will keep your iDevices in check.

And for a limited time you can get The Mini Utility Mac Bundle from iPhone Hacks Deals for just $19.99 – a savings of 73%!

Here’s what’s included in this little – yet powerful – bundle:

TouchCopy (Value: $30)

Do you have music on your iPhone that you want to copy to your Mac? Did all your music get deleted from your Mac but you still have it on your phone? Now there’s no need to worry because this app lets your rip everything from music to games from your iPhone directly to your Mac.

This handy utility app helps recover lost iTunes content and data directly from your iPhone or iPod.

Tune Sweeper (Value: $20)

Tune Sweeper is a powerful little utility app that will whip your iTunes into shape. It’s very frustrating to click a track in iTunes and get an error. Tune Sweeper helps ensure those days are behind you. By deleting duplicates and missing tracks in a quick and simple fashion, Tune Sweeper will help make your music listening hassle free.

iBackup Extractor (Value: $25)

iBackup Extractor is an intuitive app that will give you and your iOS devices that piece of mind everyone is looking for.

With iBackup Extractor, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data again. Easily extract all of your files off of your iOS devices and then you’ll be able to add them back onto your iOS devices if they ever happen to get lost, stolen, or deleted.

But there’s more…

In conjunction with The Mini Utility Mac Bundle, iPhone Hacks Deals is launching a freebie for the Mac – sBlaster. With sBlaster, you can record the output of any application playing on your mac, be it Safari, Chrome, Spotify, Quicktime, or whatever! If you’re listening to internet radio and like a song, record it with sBlaster. You’ll immediately have the audio file on your computer for replay whenever you like. You can get sBlaster here.

Keep in mind that The Mini Utility Mac Bundle won’t be around for long, so get it today from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for only $19.99 and give your iDevices the extra protection that they deserve.

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