Apple’s Back to School promotion to start this week, includes iPhone for first time

gift card back to schoolApple’s annual education focussed Back to School promotion that offers free iTunes gift cards to students who purchase Apple products is about to kick-off this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

The promotion includes the Mac, iPad and, for the first time ever, the iPhone as well. Qualifying students will get a $100 gift card on purchase of a Mac, and a $50 gift card on an iPad or iPhone purchase. These gift cards can be used on the iTunes Store, the iBooks Store or the App Store to buy any digital content being sold through the store.

The program typically runs from June to September, and until 2011 offered a free iPod touch instead of a gift card on every purchase. Apple Stores in the U.S. are currently undergoing changes in banners and other signage to promote the program. The 13-inch entry level MacBook Pro will be a key component of the Back to School promotion.

[via 9to5Mac]

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