Apple warns retail employees against unauthorized use of iOS 7 beta

ios7_control_centerApple management is cracking down on retail employees who are installing iOS 7 beta on their devices from sources apart from their personal developer accounts. HR reps from the company have been contacting employees found using the developer-only beta  to ensure that they’ve obtained the software from official channels.

Apple management also wants to make sure that employees aren’t using their own developer accounts to give iOS 7 beta access to fellow employees. Here’s an excerpt from the rules retail employees agree to before joining the company:

Am I allowed to load and use iOS beta software on my devices? Not unless you are a member of the iOS Developer Program, or have been explicitly authorized by management to participate in the development or testing of internal Apple applications as part of an official Apple project.

A letter gone out to retail employees expands further on this rule:

You may not load iOS beta software onto any other person’s iOS device. Employees are not authorized to receive iOS beta software from any third parties, even if those third parties are iOS Developer Program members.

The management further “forbids” employees from demoing iOS 7 beta to customers visiting Apple Stores, since pre-release software might confuse iOS 6 users. If a reference to iOS 7 pops up in conversations with customers, employees are told to direct them to Apple’s iOS 7 webpage.

Apple has previously fired employees who were found violating these rules, and maintains the same strictness for employees found demoing iOS 7 to colleagues. Genius Bar employees have also been told to not service devices running the beta.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • Casey

    I pushed the reset button under the settings application, I’m a beta tester with a registered UDID, then the phone reset and my registration and access or lost! Wtf! Crap like this is overwhelming when I myself have a right and was a paid developer with a registered UDID !

    • Eath

      Did you pay a developer for a UDID spot or did you pay for a developer account? Because if you paid to register a UDID, apple probably closed that developer account since selling UDID spots is not allowed.

    • Pacomacman

      There is a lesson to be learned here, never purchase a UUID from a developer, instead get yourself a developer account. If your UUID was sold to you them it was an illegal sale and the chances are it could be deactivated by Apple.

  • key

    wait, so they are allowing people who aren’t developers to install the beta and let it activate, yet if you work for Apple you can’t do this at your own risk? sounds lame to me.

    • dude

      They aren’t allowing people who aren’t developers to install the beta, they just aren’t blocking people from being able to install it. Why that is? Who knows, maybe it’s a hassle with issues that might arise from trying to block non-developers and want to keep the main focus on further development rather working on the system to prevent non-developers from installing it.

  • Ricardo Figueroa

    Honestly they should just have a open beta like wtf