Apple working with Samsung again on chips?

We all know the story by now. Samsung makes the A-series chips that power all of Apple’s portable devices. Every iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV ever sold, they all have processors inside that were manufactured at a Samsung facility. Since Apple and Samsung are sworn enemies, Apple decided to get someone to make their chips, TSMC. TSMC makes chips for everyone, including Qualcomm and NVIDIA.

But get this. According to a report in The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will resume making chips for Apple in 2015 starting with the A9. Why the change of heart? Apparently Samsung’s factories will be more advanced than TSMC’s factories in a few short years. Samsung plans on having 14 nanometer manufacturing capabilities, while TSMC will likely still be stuck on 16 nanometer.

Is this story real? I don’t know what to think anymore. Apple switching to TSMC in 2014 was reported by The Wall Street Journal, so it isn’t BS. What’s likely happening here is that Apple will be sourcing chips from both TSMC and Samsung simultaneously.

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  • peros

    Come on why? why?

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Don’t understand it either. That they get their chips from both company sounds more plausible though.

  • RandomGamer342

    The difference between 16nm and 14nm isn’t significant enough to warrant giving samsung their chip design, the entire premise is ridiculous

    • Joliverio

      Surely it is a big issue, reducing the size from 16 to 14nm for example makes IC chips improves considerably battery life making products lighter, power saving, longer battery life, thinner… Huge investments necessary

    • Aleksandar Kostadinov

      haha, apple does not have their own chip design. If you are fooled that apple innovates and has unique components in their devices, it’s time to wake up!

  • Sebastian Rasch

    This is the weirdest news I read in a while, even weirder than the iPhone electrocution death.

  • John

    If TSMC is able to make chips for Qualcomm, why are they not good enough for Apple?