AT&T announces ‘AT&T Next’ program that lets customers upgrade smartphone/tablet every year


AT&T has just announced a new upgrade eligibility program for its customers called AT&T Next.

Customers who opt for the AT&T Next program will be able to upgrade their smartphone or tablet every twelve months with no down payment, no activation fee, no upgrade fee and no financing fees, but there are a few catches.

With AT&T Next, customers don’t have to pay a down payment, but they have to pay a monthly installment for 20 months and get to keep the device. They also have the option to upgrade to a new device again with no down payment after 12 months, but need to trade-in the device.

AT&T Next is available for any current smartphone or tablet in AT&T’s industry-leading selection of devices. The interest-free monthly device installments range from $15 to $50, depending on the device selected. For example, a customer purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S 4 would have no down payment and pay $32 per month, in addition to the monthly wireless service plan they choose, with the option to trade in their device and upgrade after 12 payments or to keep using the device and pay off the installment plan in full after 20 months. There’s no penalty for paying off the installment plan early.

MacRumors explains how AT&T Next will work out if you want to buy an iPhone 5:

For customers purchasing a 16GB iPhone 5, they would pay $32.50 per month for 12 months, and could then upgrade to the latest iPhone — trading in the previous device. They would pay $390 over that time, with the phone being bought back for the equivalent of $260. If the customer makes the 20 monthly payments, they can upgrade to a new phone and keep the old one. 

AT&T Next seems to be a direct response to T-Mobile’s JUMP program, a $10 per month program that allows customers to upgrade their smartphones twice a year. AT&T Next will be available from July 26.

Let us know what you think of AT&T Next. Do you plan to opt for it?

via AT&T, Image credit 9to5Mac

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  • James

    So if I have an iPhone 5 right now, and choose to buy the new one later this year when it comes out, what will I be paying? I’m a little confused at this article..

  • kron1k 

    Basically you’d trade in your iPhone 5…get the iPhone 5S for free then you’d pay $35 extra a month on your bill to pay for the phone

    • Sceptic

      Think the Plan Rates will Decrease? Don’t part of the high cell and data rates currently go to pay for the subsidized phone over 2 years? Sounds like ATT is double dipping and getting the old phone back. Deal?

      • kron1k 

        Not really because you’re not paying the $200-$400 that you’d normally pay for the phone in the first place…however having to trade in your older phone should account for something…especially if the phone is in good condition

  • Lee

    Sounds like it would cost less to just take the termination fee, and start over, or go to Sprint…

  • Turbojacket

    Looks like a total rip off aimed at people who don’t know any better.

    • sunjay

      u got it right.

  • Kraken

    Galaxy S4 via Google play (unlocked, no contract): $649

    Via this new program: 32*20=$640
    Alternately if you trade the device in: 32*12=$384

    Not too bad I guess except that you probably still have to pay for full “subsidized” pricing on your monthly bill while the unlocked phone can be used with a variety of prepaid carriers for $30-55 a month.

  • Daniel Monroe

    So… does this cover all 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models? I don’t understand how this is factored in?

  • Mark

    So, is this signaling the death of subsidies in the near future? Othewise, I don’t understand why you would use this plan.

  • Jason

    This idea sounds like they are trying to get people to upgrade quicker so att makes more money. I don’t like this plan at all. I like having an unlocked phone and having choices. What I think that att should do is open up their contract plans to go phone customers. If you already own your phone you should have the choice between go phone plans or contract plans.

  • jetblac

    This sucks! Currently I get early upgrades every year. a new iPhone has cost me $200 every year and I just sell my old phone. This is wack!

    • Tim T

      I doubt that you are be able to get early upgrade every year for $200.
      When you fulfill your 2 years agreement, upgrade to a new iphone typical cost $200. Early upgrade every year, and only $200?????

  • Cyndi Gusek

    I don’t understand….I think this is such a rip off….I have never seen do many hidden charges and do many ways for them to triple dip all the time..I’m waiting for my contact is up and taking my whole family back to Verizon all 6 lines the difference is almost 200 a month..stand up get rid of them that way they see what they are doing Verizon never did this to us no way..I even ran into having to travel to bury my mother or having my phone shut off..of course I left and could you believe they cut my phone and charged me 45 to reconnect it was only off for 5 minutes when I called they had no sympathy at all to be honest Verizon gage me a free month when my dad dad passed and a sympathy text..great customer service can’t wait to go back…money hungry cheaters..they have a ton of hidden fees look Very carefully trust me…

  • tylerushermosdefthecreator

    Dumbest idea I ever heard of. This makes no sense. I’m sure SOME people are smart enough to develop another way of upgrading their device.

  • Barb Kline-Dols

    rip off! such a crock! 20 months..LOL. that’s a 2 year agreement. Go to Ebay or Craig’s List and just find the phone/tablet you want without all AT&T’s hassle!