AT&T Next vs. T-Mobile Jump vs. Verizon Edge: Which smartphone upgrade plan is the best?

verizon edge

After we posted a detailed comparison of T-Mobile and AT&T’s quick upgrade smartphone plans, Verizon announced its early upgrade program called Verizon Edge. We’ve take a look at how the three program stack up against each other, and if you should opt for any one of them.

Under the Verizon Edge program, subscribers would have to pay the full price of a device over a period of 2 years, in 24 monthly instalments. The program lets customers upgrade to a new smartphone after 6 months, but will need to pay off 50% of full retail price of the device, and trade-in the phone.

As before, we consider the most likely scenario, where a customer would want to upgrade his or her phone after a year. We also factor in monthly voice and data fees. Plans across all three carriers include unlimited text and voice, but the data usage on T-Mobile is 2.5GB, on AT&T is 3GB and on Verizon is 2GB.

T-Mobile AT&T Verizon
1st upgrade upfront cost $145.99 $0 $0
2nd upgrade upfront cost $145.99 $0 $0
Monthly rental for device $21 $32.5 $27
Monthly rental for upgrade plan $10 $0 $0
Data + Voice, monthly $60 $119.99 $100
Total (over 24 months) $2475.98 $3659.76 $3048

T-Mobile ends up being the cheapest option yet again since it doesn’t include device subsidies in its monthly voice and data plans, while the other carriers do.

But should you opt for any of these early upgrade programs?

The savings with these upgrade plans will be the maximum if you upgrade twice a year, but since Apple launches a new iPhone only once a year, this isn’t really useful. Savings on upgrading once every year are very little as compared to buying your phone at the normal price and selling it. It’s also worth noting that if by any chance, you don’t want to upgrade to a new device every year, you’ll end up spending a lot more by opting into these upgrade plans.

Tell us what you think about these upgrade plans in the comments below.

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  • Jack Daniels

    This may be a dumb question, but I haven’t seen it addressed yet: will you be able to keep your unlimited AT&T plan if you’re grandfathered in?

    Thanks to anybody that has an answer!!

    • Sam

      On verizon you will not be eligible it might be the same for att.

    • Gautam

      The fine print on AT&T’s website doesn’t say customers with unlimited AT&T plan are excluded.

  • andi26

    I don’t think it’s really worth it
    If you’re planning on getting an iPhone upgrade every year
    Like if you’re on a family plan like myself you can switch upgrades from the other lines and use for your on to get the discounted price for the iPhone instead of paying the full out price for AT&T simple and easy
    But I guess the plan they want to come out with is more suitable for people who want to purchase those phones that come out like every other month

    • Kraken

      I’m expecting them to stop the family plan early upgrade loophole you described since it is a better deal than these new plans.

      They already stopped allowing early upgrades to make this plan more attractive.

  • Paul Cognato

    too bad t mobile has the worst service ever.

  • David Bannerman

    Only idiots choose their carrier based on upgrade benefits.

    • Gautam

      I think the bigger issue is carriers think we are idiots to fall into their trap.

  • Eric

    This crap is so over rated n over priced its sucking anymore