BatteryDoctorPro: A must-have Battery management tweak for your jailbroken iPhone

Every once in a while we come across a jailbreak tweak that gives us a reason to jailbreak. BatteryDoctorPro is a jailbreak tweak that falls in that category.

BatteryDoctorPro is a must-have battery management app for your jailbroken iPhone. It offers tons of features to manage your iPhone’s battery, and even gives you quick access to settings toggles and app switcher/multitasking bar.

BatteryDoctorPro app:

Unlike most jailbreak tweaks, BatteryDoctorPro comes as a standalone app.

  • When you launch the app, it gives you information about the hours of battery life left.


  • It also gives you access to three default presets namely Outdoor, Indoor and Alarm. The presets are like profiles, the tweak will automatically enable or disable system toggles to save battery life. For example:
    • Indoor: When you are at home, you can select the Indoor preset. It turns off location services, mobile data and Bluetooth to save battery life.
    • Alarm: When you go to sleep, you can select the Alarm preset, which turns off Wi-Fi, data, location services, Bluetooth, reduces brightness to 30% and enables AirPlane mode.
    • Outdoor: When you’re stepping out, you can select the Outdoor mode, which turns off Wi-Fi, but enables mobile data and location services.


  • You have the option to configure the presets based on your preference by tapping on the icon in the top right corner and selecting the appropriate preset tab. You can play around with 7 different setting such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, LTE, Brightness control, Airplane mode, Location services and Bluetooth.
  • When you connect your iPhone to a power source, it automatically launches the BatteryDoctorPro app and it gives useful information such as how much time it will take to recharge your iPhone. It also tells you it’s in which stage of the charging cycle such as High-speed (a stage where your iPhone’s battery is recharged very fast), Continuation (a stage where your iPhone’s battery is recharged at lower speed) and Trickle (in this stage, you must continue to charge your iPhone even though the battery is fully charged to improve battery life).


  • You can also access previous charging history by tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner and tapping on Records from the menu.


  • You can also check System information from the menu, which gives you the health of the battery, the temperature of the battery and the number of cycles, used RAM, CPU usage and amount of free storage.


  • The Manager option gives you the energy level of each app, and also gives you quick access to the whitelisted apps (we’ll explain how to whitelist the app shortly).
  • The Cleapup option lets you free up storage space by deleting junk files such as Safari cache files, Cydia cache and temp files, system log files, system cache files, temporary files, OTA software updates, Safari cookies and history, location cache, clipboard history and Spotlight caches. You have the option to configure, which files you want to delete via the Settings panel, which can be accessed by tapping on the settings icon in the top right corner. After you have configured the settings based on the preference, tap on the Clean now button. After it completes the clean up process, it will inform you how many junk files were deleted and how much storage space was feed up. I ended up reclaiming just over 300MB of storage space using this option.


Status Bar Widget

The tweak also offers a cool custom widget, which can be accessed by tapping on the battery indicator on the Status bar.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it displays the current preset such as Indoor, Outdoor or Alarm, the battery life and amount of RAM used currently. You can change the preset by tapping on the preset/battery life section of the widget. You can kill all the apps running in the background by tapping on the RAM section of the widget to free up memory.


The widget also gives you quick access to the system toggles and shortcuts so you can enable and disable them or take appropriate action from anywhere in iOS. It offers toggles such as BadgeClear (allows you to clear the notification badges from the apps), virtual Home button (can be very handy if you have a broken Home button), Auto-lock settings and Lock screen that are not typically available in such Quick settings tweaks. It also includes a shortcut for TaskClear, which kills all the apps running in the background to free up RAM.

It also gives you quick access to the app switcher/multitasking bar. If you’ve Auxo installed then it will display the app switcher with the Auxo styling. You can kill apps by swiping down on the app icon. If you do not want an app to be closed when you tap on the RAM section of the widget, then swipe up on the app icon to add it to a whitelist (though it doesn’t seem to work if you’ve Auxo installed). Whitelisted apps get a badge in the bottom right corner of the app icon.

You can also access a similar widget from the Notification Center and the Lock screen (if you’ve lock screen tweaks like LockInfo installed).


BatteryDoctorPro widget in Notification Center


BatteryDoctorPro widget in the Lock screen

Smart Save Settings

If you think that changing the preset is too cumbersome, the tweak comes with smart save settings, which gets triggered when your device goes into standby mode, while you’re sleeping or when there is low battery.

  • In standby mode, you can auto kill background apps (disabled by default) or disable LTE to save battery life after a delay of x minutes (default is 10 mins).
  • In low power mode, it automatically disables mobile data when there is x% of battery life left (30% by default) and reduces the screen brightness.
  • In sleep mode, it automatically enables the Sleep preset based on sleep time you have configured (2:00 am to 8:00 am by default).



You can access Settings for BatteryDoctorPro at the bottom of the menu in the standalone app.

  • It allows you to enable or disable the widget in the Status bar and Notification Center.
  • You also have the option to disable the preset changer, multitasking bar in the Notification Center widget. You can also choose to display the toggles in a single row or in two rows.
  • As I mentioned earlier by default BatteryDoctorPro is launched when you connect it to a power source, but you can disable this via the Settings (Run BDP when plugged in On/Off toggle).
  • You can also disable the alert that reminds you when recharging is completed, so you do not overcharge the battery.


Folks at TechShowsYou have created a detailed walkthrough of the tweak, so check it out in action below:

I have been playing around with BatteryDoctorPro for couple of days and it seems to work exactly as advertised, and comes with a very slick UI. The amount of features it offers is quite overwhelming and easily one of the most comprehensive tweaks available on Cydia. The tweak has been developed by Kingsoft Security.

It is compatible with iOS 5.x.x and iOS 6.x.x. It supports iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4.

And that’s not all, the unbelievable thing is that, the tweak is available for free on Cydia. So if you’ve a jailbroken device, then you must definitely check it out.

BatteryDoctorPro seems to have sneaked past our radar as it has been available for quite sometime so our apologies for not covering this earlier. Thanks @Vicari0 for the tip!

As always, let us know what you think of BatteryDoctorPro in the comments below.

➤ Download link (works only on a jailbroken device)

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  • dt

    Very sleek and well designed app. I have been using a combination of SBSettings and SB Profiles to accomplish much the same, but this puts them all in one place. I am amazed that it is free!

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, that’s why used the word unbelievable.

  • Amir

    Can’t download it says package broken

    • iPhoneHacks

      Kill Cydia running in the app switcher, relaunch it and search for it and install it.

  • kbtat2

    Wow, this is REALLY nice!! I’m also amazed that this is free.

  • donkey kong

    I have this amazing tweak, collates alot of things separate tweaks do. I do wonder why it is free ?

    • Helios

      I myself wonder too, and if i’m not mistaken, this tweak is developed by chinese developer, so could it be that something is fishy here !?

  • Matt

    Just installed it, amazing app and can’t believe it’s FREE!!

    • mark


  • DJ

    Video Shows that this tweak is awsm no need to comment after installing it.

  • Helios

    was this tweak developed by chinese developer? I’m very concerned about data security when it involves chinese. Especially because this tweak is free.

    • donkey kong

      i second that. Maybe a pessimist but something so well presented and functioning is rarely free. It is chinese developer, when it was first released it was all in chinese too i think.

      • Helios

        i don’t trust the chinese at all, so maybe this *too good to be true* tweak will have some sort of backdoor or steal your information. Chinese hackers are notorious after all. Even their hardware makers e.g Huawei, ZTE… are also very suspicious. I will stay away from this tweak

        • iDroid

          Seriously dude..? :) This app is one of the best apps on Cydia.. No need to be so paranoid. Just think about it.. Even if it steals some information from your phone (which i seriously doubt), what kind of secret data you keep on your phone? Also just by using google you are giving away more information about your self than Battery Doctor Pro can steal form your phone.

  • Steve

    There is a app in the App Store with the identical name. Looks very similar. Free also.

  • Chaka Mad

    Hi, but please do not forget to add to your host file as the app will connect home.

    Using it at love it as well

    • Steve

      Is there docs on how to do this on the iPhone? Thx

  • j4nuS

    battsaver is better… the only reason i use battery doctor pro is because of the additional control panel on notification center for freeing ram, brightness etc…

    • Wes Lee

      Janushan ?

  • James

    Should not be featured here, full of bugs and I had to remove it off my phone after a week. Please don’t download it.

    • Alan

      Working great for me. I have been using it for months now. Maybe it has compatibility issues with one of the tweaks you have installed. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be covered.

      I think I would give this tweak a lot higher priority on my device. It’s one of my favorite tweaks.

  • Starfall

    Working great on my iphone 5! must have.

    • SAad

      what OS?

  • Devilz

    did battery doctor pro get update on ios 7 or not yet..?

  • jim222

    hi, still waiting for update to ios 7 in cydia…. any news about that??? pleaseeeeee!