Bob Mansfield no longer on Apple’s executive team, to work on special projects [Updated]


MacRumors has noticed that Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President  of Technologies has mysteriously disappeared from the Leadership webpage on Apple’s website in the last 24 hours.

Apple has not yet issued a statement for this change.

Mansfield’s bio is also not accessible on Apple’s website (you can still access it from Google’s cache).

As the Senior Vice President of Technologies, Mansfield directly reported into Tim Cook and lead all of Apple’s wireless and semiconductor teams across the company.

In June last year, Apple had announced that Mansfield would retire as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering. However, during the management shakeup in November, Tim Cook announced that he would remain with Apple for two more years rather than retiring to “work on future products”.

It was later revealed that Tim Cook found himself facing an “insurrection” from Apple employees following Mansfield’s retirement announcement. In response, Tim Cook convinced Mansfield to stay for another two years by offering him an exorbitant package of cash and stock worth around $2 million a month.

There have been rumors that he was involved with the iWatch project.

Apple has usually issued a press statement when there have been changes in the management team, so we expect Apple to give a statement shortly.


Poornima Gupta, Technology Correspondent at Reuters has just tweeted that Apple has said that Bob Mansfield is no longer on Apple’s exec team but will remain with Apple working on special projects reporting to Cook.

Apple is yet to announce who will be new Senior Vice President of Technologies.

[Via MacRumors]