Oh look, new “cheap” iPhone pictures

Apple makes phones. They’re amazing phones. But, they’re expensive phones. Apple will sell “cheaper” phones later this year. They’re going to be made out of plastic, not metal and glass. How cheap will they be? No one will really know until Apple publishes an official press release. We saw a few pictures of this alluded cheap iPhone last month, but now there are more. A lot more.

Instead of coming in just two colors, black and white, these cheaper iPhones will come in white, red, blue, yellow, and green. Some people say there will be three storage size options, but I don’t believe that. Let’s do the math. Five colors, three storage sizes, two different modems for different parts of the world. That’s 30 different SKUs. Do you know how hard that’s going to be to manage?

Anyway, when are we going to know more about this budget iPhone? Whenever Apple hosts an event. It’s likely going to happen either in late September or at some point in October, so don’t hold your breath.