Faulty charger to blame for recent iPhone death

Earlier this week, there was a story floating around the internets saying a woman was killed by her iPhone 5 after being electrocuted. Later it was discovered she actually owned an iPhone 4. Let’s ignore the fact that most media outlets can’t think for themselves and realize that an iPhone battery can’t electrocute you no matter how hard a person tries. Today it’s been discovered that the real cause of death for this 23 year old woman was a fake iPhone charger.

Yes, you read that right, a dinky little wall wart took the life of a human being. Now this could have happened to anyone. No one reading this wants to admit it, but we all hate paying $30 for a charger when a generic one can be had for less than $5. When I was back packing through Asia earlier this year, I saw iPhone chargers being sold on the street for as little as $0.50!

What’s the moral of the story? If you can afford a $600 phone, then you can afford to buy a $30 Apple charger. It doesn’t even need to be an Apple charger, actually. Anything that’s made by a reputable company will work and is likely safe.

Heck, I use a Nokia USB charger on a daily basis with a Samsung phone and an iPad. No problems.

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  • Duke

    Or you could also unplug your phone before answering it! I mean otherwise just use a wired phone damn it!

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    oh GOD ! You guys are ridiculous ! You still come across like fish buying scam news. this was just anti-propaganda for the chinese industry, nothing that needs to be considered as real events. marc

  • -X-

    Or apple could stop being deuche bags and make iPhone with a standard USB/Micro connector like the rest of the world uses without shock incidents….ever.

    Where are you getting the $600 tag from anyway hacks? We know how much the phone costs. HOWEVER….pretty much everyone that buys a cheap ass charger, paid $99 for it along with a 2 year contract.