Free apps for today: Prince of Persia Retro, Moment Camera and more


We have some great apps for you today that have become completely free for a short period of time on the App Store.

prince of persia ipad

Price of Persia Retro is an iOS port of the legendary classic game made in 1989 by Jordan Mechner, where you play an imprisoned who has to save the Sutan’s daughter from the Vazir within 60 minutes. The game has been optimised for touch controls, and works on both the iPhone and iPad, but sadly isn’t updated for the iPhone 5’s taller display. $.99 -> Free

moment camera

Moment Camera is an alternative to the stock camera app with the same functionality, but a very bright, minimal look as can be seen in the screenshots above. The app doesn’t have a overload of features like filters, editing etc. seen in other apps, but instead tries to make the core function — taking photos — as simple as possible. $.99 -> Free

dream chaser

Dream Chaser is an endless runner game for the iPhone and iPad where you make a character named Nito sprint across 26 levels, dodging obstacles and collecting points. $.99 -> Free

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