How to Make Your iPhone Look Like iOS 7 Right Now

We showed you how to give your jailbroken device an iOS 7 makeover by installing two WinterBoard themes, one for the Home screen and another one for the Lock screen.

We take a look at themes and tweaks that you can install to make your jailbroken iOS device look like iOS 7 without taking the risk of installing iOS 7 beta. In fact, you can install them even on a device that is not compatible with iOS 7.

iOS 7 Theme

iOS 7 Theme by Philip Wong (pw5a29) is a most comprehensive theme for iOS 7 compared to the iOS 7 theme by AR7 we had covered earlier. The theme by Wong adds support for the following:

  • App Icons
  • Signal Bars
  • Wallpapers
  • Batteries
  • Revamps UI of apps such as Settings, Messages, Bitesms, Phone, WhatsApp, Notes, Safari, Music, Voice Memo, Weather with iOS 7 look and feel.
  • Dock
  • Switches
  • Siri
  • Minimal Lockscreen
  • Flat App Skin for App Store Apps
  • Flat notification Bubble
  • Flat Linen
  • NotificationCenter
  • Folders Icon and Background
  • Close Boxes
  • Lockscreen Music Controls
  • Music Controls
  • Grabber
  • Slider
  • ColorKeyboard
  • Auxo
  • NCSettings

After installing the theme, you will need to select these UI elements in the WinterBoard app (WinterBoard -> Select Themes). You also need to install Wallpaper JPEGifer from Cydia and set the wallpaper again to prevent the black Lock screen issue.

It fully supports the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPod touch 5G, iPod touch 4G
  • iPad 2, iPad 1

It partially supports:

  • iPad 4, iPad 3
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch 3G


iOS 7 animated lockscreen

If you’re just looking for the iOS 7’s new Lock screen then check out the iOS 7 animated lockscreen theme developed by Sil66.

It replaces the Lock screen with an iOS 7-like animated wallpaper, it even highlights the slide to unlock text in the same way as iOS 7 does and comes with the translucent camera shortcut at the bottom right corner.

It doesn’t feature iOS 7’s 3D parallax effect, but it has subtle animation like the iOS 7 animated wallpaper. Unlike iOS 7, you need to unlock by swiping on the slide to unlock text.

Parallax Effect

iOS 7’s 3D Parallax effect makes the “position or direction of an object appear different when viewed from different angles”.  DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich, developer of popular apps such as Activator, allows you to check out the 3D-effect on your jailbroken iOS device right now. You need to add Petrich’s repository to install the tweak.

Panoramic Wallpaper

Jailbreak tweaks like LiveWallpaper allows you to set panoramic images as your wallpaper, which are scrollable when you flip through home screen pages.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to make your iPhone look like iOS 7:

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Download links (will work only on jailbroken iOS devices):

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  • wolverinemarky

    the siri ui didnt change, and i dont have the ios7 signal bars not sure if its because i have the Bars tweak installed or not

  • wolverinemarky

    uninstalled the Bars tweak and i got the ios7 signal bars

    • iPhoneHacks

      The developer has been releasing updates almost every day, so the theme is getting better at mimicking iOS 7 UI.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Who seriously wants to use iOS 7 icons? They’re ugly! I hope there will be a theme for iOS 7 with nicer icons.

    • KillerPubes

      I didn’t like the look of ios7 until I installed this theme to see first hand. I have to say they’ve grown on me throughout the day and the whole look and feel is quite refreshing.

      • wolverinemarky

        i agree they use to look too weird now im use to it and like them

      • Sebastian Rasch

        iOS 7 itself is very nice and I like a lot of the design aspects but some things are just wrong in so many ways, foremostly in GUI design aspects, and the icons are one of those things.

        An industry designer should not do GUI design. For example, the font is a very nice one, no doubt. But is it useful in a GUI? No, not at all. To thin, too hard to read and too easily disappearing before the background. It’s a typical industry designer’s choice because it’s simply beautiful but not thought far enough in terms of GUI design/usability.

        And yes, I tried it myself. I have to admit, it looks a lot nicer then just on pictures but it’s still bad and looks wrong.

  • dvd

    Hope he updates the ipod theme soon. Hate how ugly apple made it look now.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    tried on iPad 1, not fully working however not going to list all the features that fail. (can only appreciate the folder homescreen icon and background)

  • k0e3

    I can’t get the black lockscreen to fix. I even installed the wallpaper jpegifier but nothin’ :/

  • Hobet

    U have to reapply the wall paper

  • snipey36

    Any ideas why ibooks stayed the same? (thought it’s on the ipad) Surely ios7 would have a new icon for it by now…

  • Rioku Harusame

    how about we see the best part of iOS 7 in this? Give us the control center!

  • Justin

    I have a problem about notification from messages when my phone is lock it doesnt show the new messages.
    What should i do?

  • Rox

    I’ve got a problem is that when I install iOS 7 theme on my iPad 2, also I installed wallpaper jpegfer, the wallpaper shown on the lockscreen is only iPhone 5 size. Can somebody help:(

  • Norlan

    what is the source for that theme ?

  • Norlan

    Can anyone tell me the source for these 2 themes.

    • Gautam

      That is the reason we’ve included download links. Click on download links on your jailbroken iPhone and it will launch Cydia and take you directly to the theme so that you can install it.

  • I Know So

    I wouldnt use it on teathered jailbreaks not reliable and you need to be prepared that if your phone reboots for any reason or battery dies you will need to ” JUST REBOOT ” with redsn0w again to get your phone up and running.

  • SuckkMYDick

    You can’t jailbreak an iOS 7 iPhone, nor can you update, then downgrade… If you want a jailbroken iPhone, stick with your current iOS.

  • Simon Franklin

    iOS7 bubble weather lockscreen is a lot more like the real bubble LS than that one listed above.

  • Songstress

    I cant get pasty black lockscreen with this theme. I downloaded JPEGifier and still ends up black. ANy advice?

    • Alliah Reyes

      If you have slide pro downloaded from cydia just go into
      2)Slider pro settings
      3)No black screen
      This is what I did (: solved the problem!

    • Crklynking

      Change the wallpaper from the settings app, not the camera app

  • nega

    this is the hottest htc ive ever seen!

  • Dude159

    My Lockscreen and notification centre did not work properly :?

    • Dude159


      • Alex

        You need to downsize the theme with a program called c40x.SD

        • Dude159


        • Stefan

          How do you do that directly on the iphone?

      • CAO COV

        hello can I help you with theme iphone 3gs ios 7 I created one personal theme find me on skype:ionion1919

    • Eslam Fouad

      same problem

      on ipad 1 and iphone 3gs

      • Eslam Fouad

        help us please

        lock screen and notification centre did not work properly

  • Manuel

    Does anyone know why I cannot make folder anymore after I have installed this theme?

  • Purita

    Will this work on ipod 4g running iOS 5.0.1? Thanks!

    • apo

      Idiot install ios 7 if you gave 4g ! @2ac89a7633fdbe36c3ce35eaa39ebdf0:disqus

      • guy

        You can’t run iOS7 on iPod touch 4G. Only 5G. Idiot.

        • MoMo

          I have the iOS7 lockscreen and theme for my Itouch 4gen but mine still in 5.0.1 so it will work on Purita’s Itouch too.

  • GELan

    Can i have the links where i can download the thinks you were mentioning

  • 3gsguys

    i still get the black screen even i installed the wallpaper jpegifier. help please.

  • kidddo

    doesnt work on iphone 3gs!! notification centre dont work! wen ever slided down,phone gone 2 safe mode!! wats de solution for tat!!

  • oldschool

    i have a 3gs and i cant install it WHY????

  • u9510e

    Front camera button disappeared in stock cam app.

  • Wolf

    How can i change to my favor wallpaper? I don’t know how to using Wallpaper JPEGifer