IDC: Apple is losing market share

Analyst firms are a dime a dozen, but there are some that you can’t ignore: Gartner, Strategy Analytics, and IDC. That last bunch of bean counters, they just published their findings on the Q2 2013 smartphone market. And the results, if you’re an Apple fan, aren’t pretty. This time last year, Apple controlled 16.6% of the market. Today, that’s fallen to 13.1%. Now yes, iPhone sales are up 20% compared to Q2 2012, but the smartphone market grew by 52.3% during the same time.

So what about Samsung? Well, it’s the same story. They grew their shipments an amazing 43.9% year over year, which comes out to 72.4 million devices, but again, that’s still less than the total market grew. As a result, their market share dropped from 32.3% to 30.4%.

Can Apple turn things around? Absolutely, and the device that’ll get them more sales, the “budget” iPhone, has leaked more times than we can even count. When will Apple announce this new plastic-cased iPhone? It’ll happen in 2013, that much obvious, though we can’t pick out a specific month.