Here’s what’s new in iOS 7 beta 3


Apple has just seeded iOS 7 beta 3 to developers of its iOS Developer program.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 7 beta 3:

  • Beta 3 includes development versions of new male and female Siri voices for U.S. English and French, and a male voice for German. 
  • The Calendar app finally tells you which days you have events in the monthly view with the dots. Thanks Stan and Duston.


  • The font seems to be thicker in the Notification Center and the stock apps. 
  • Slightly larger status bar icons in the Lock screen compared to the Home screen.


  • In the lock screen, when music is playing, you can toggle between the music controls and the Clock by pressing the Home button. That’s neat. Thanks Joseph! Update: Apparently it was available in the previous betas as well.


  • There is a new animation when you’re installing an app as you can see in the screenshot below. Look at the animation on the app at the bottom row (just above the dock). Thanks Sako!


  • You can now pinch to zoom while you’re in landscape mode in the Music app. Thanks Junior C.
  • On the iPad, when the side switch is set to Orientation lock, the button in ControlCenter changes to a mute button. Thanks Kalo.
  • Folders appear to be more transparent. Thanks Alan.
  • The clock app in Control Center has been tweaked.
  • The AirPlay button in Control Center now shows the current status such as iPhone speaker.


  • New Reading list icon in the search bar in Safari. Thanks Alan and Danniboi.


  • The system font in iOS 7 Beta 3 is now Helvetica Neue Regular instead of the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light (via @antichrista). Gif via @Cabel.


  • You can now set Favorites in Safari, which can be accessed via the Bookmarks icon. Thanks Matthew. Update: Apparently this was available in beta 2.
  • Slight change in animation when you access Spotlight on the Home screen.
  • New settings under Accessibility to reduce the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effect of icons and alerts. Thanks Alan and Matthew.


  • The icons in the Music app have been updated. Thanks Alan.


  • The dictionary feature seems to be working now. Thanks Alan.


  • The subject line is now show when the Notification arrives on the Lock screen. Thanks ML.
  • 9to5Mac has posted this video of some of the UI changes in iOS 7 beta 3:

  • In the Messages app, when you tap on the Contact option, it displays the icons for call, FaceTime and Info. If you tap on the call button, it gives you an option for Voice call or FaceTime call. Thanks Josh!


  • We’re hearing reports that Siri’s voice is even more realistic. And here’s what Siri has to say about it (via @rajavijayaraman).


  • The .com button has been replaced with a simple period button in Safari. You can still access .com and other domain extensions by holding down on the button.
  • When you run an iPhone app on the iPad, iOS 7 no longer displays 2x mode. Thanks Gonçalo!


  • Reader Peter reports that the javascript performance has also been improving based on the Sunspider javascript benchmarks seen below (lower score is better):

914.7 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 6
839.1 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 1
724.0 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 3

Let us know if you’ve found any other changes in iOS 7 beta 3 in the comments or send an email to Thanks everyone for the tips so far.

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  • Rod Urand

    looks like slight font changes in the mail app and I noticed that when you ask siri for directions, she is much faster than before. Also, this may already be a feature but after asking directions, the app immediately begins the directions immediately without you having to press start

    • macdaddy

      Thats new the not having to press start.. FYI

    • Lukas

      Yes, iOS 7 now apparently uses Helvetica Neue Regular not Ultralight anymore.

      • Huey

        I was starting to like the Ultra Light version more, then they make it thicker again. Annoying!

  • Widescreen

    A blue dot has appeared next to my twitter app label

    • TJG

      The blue dot has always been in iOS 7. It means that the app was updated automatically.

      • Widescreen

        shows how much notice i take then *blush*
        thanks for the heads up TJG

        • NAME

          IS IT SNAPPIER?

  • Danniboi

    Even the text msg don’t seems thicker also the safari loading line is more noticeable

  • Junior C

    Saw a few more things. 1. Pinch to zoom in while in landscape mode in Music App 2. New App Install animation

    • Mark

      This was available in beta 2

      • Mark

        Pinching on music landscape that is

  • Danniboi


  • ML

    Email notifications on the lock screen now have the subject line. Didnt in beta 1 or 2.

  • Kalo Angel

    on the iPad, iPhone apps run is retina mode! Finally!

  • DrDave

    The calendar app has always displayed a dot when there are events on a day in month view. The new calendar layout/formatting is hideous compared to the old one — and much less useable.

    • Matthew Black

      I agree.

  • Peter

    Animated music visualizer icon in music player album track list when music is playing.

    • Kyle Adams

      that has been present since beta 1

  • Randall

    Does it seem to run smoother ?

    • Kalo Angel


    • Lukas

      _A lot_. Especially the zooming in/out of folders animations.

  • Kalo Angel

    on iPad, when the side switch is set to lock screen orientation, the button in ControlCenter changes to a mute button..

  • Junior C

    Not sure if this is new but In Music App, Rate track by tapping name.

    • Lukas

      That’s neat. I’ve already been missing this quite a lot, thanks!

  • Jono

    Runs overall a lot smoother, no glitching around the top area of the apps around the clock and wifi symbols. The issue with the phone app when switching between the tabs and searching has also gone.

  • Kalo Angel

    other things I`m noticing on the iPad:
    – in the Settings there`s a new icon for Facebook (before there we only updated for Twitter and Vimeo)
    – when an app has received an update a red dot appears next to it`s name
    – split keyboard has rounder edges
    – apps like Music now have icons in the bottom bar

  • Dangerous Dave

    corrected the old lockscreen picture in wallpappers settings

  • Macdaddy

    In safari there’s a 3 line icon before the search area.. It is for reading list thing..

  • Matthew Black

    New favourites in safari settings

  • O.P. Doraya

    iTunes not showing iPhone over wifi sync in all 3 betas

  • O.P. Doraya

    iPhone not showing in iTunes over wifi sync in all 3 betas. Is this happening to any one else

    • Lukas

      Yep. And if you had read the release notes attentively, you’d know this is a known bug ;)

    • dayvg

      You need to download ios7 SDK to resolve it.

  • Elvis Rodríguez

    music app force closes when deleting a song.

  • leversol

    The choice of background (lock screen, home screen) is now written in black instead of white of earlier versions.

  • Chris Anson

    Anyone try skype? Had issues in Beta 1 and Beta 2

    • Lukas

      Skype still crashes for me.

    • Alan

      Still crashes

      • miApples

        Yep endless crashes on ipad

    • Grayson

      Its not apple that is going to have to fix it, it will be Skype’s decision to do that, and they may not do that until the actual golden master is released.

      • Chris Anson

        Yes but other apps are not crashing anymore. Its possible apple just needs to adjust something.

    • Jose Geraldo

      Does not work on iPhone, but do work on iPad.

  • Macdaddy

    If your on home screen and get a text if u open it using messages app it goes straight to the list and doesn’t open it automatically

  • Macdaddy

    If your in home screen if you get a text and open it tru messages app it doesn’t open the text automatically it opens the text menu

  • Lukas

    In the Music app, the selection bar on the bottom now has new icons.

  • MKAL

    Text arrangement need to be fixed – still have even simple bugs. “ICLOUD” placed out of grey zone

    • MKAL

      Check at: General – Usage

      • josh_rhett

        Mine seems to be okay.

  • Macdaddy

    Search bar is different in text app

  • Matthew Black

    Reduce motion of system and parallax effect in settings

  • Myo

    I heard new font in setting app and new keyboard. I’m so eager to know what they are

  • iPhoneHacks

    Thanks everyone for the tips so far. You folks rock. Keep them coming.

  • josh_rhett

    From text messages, once you click on contacts, It shows icons now instead of the labels. Also, Clicking on the call button gives you an option for Voice call or FaceTime audio.

    • iPhoneHacks


  • Luis

    When you’re using the messing app in a conversation and you tap “contact” it now displays symbols for calling, facetime, and info instead of displaying each word

  • TJG

    Setting favorites in Sadari has been there since beta 2.

    • TJG


  • Henrik Skovgaard

    Haven’t icons also changed in the clock app?

  • Steven M

    The loading bar at the top of Safari and messages is now thicker. Also, in messages, when choosing a contact there’s a new animation which slides the chat screen to the left. It slides back when choosing back. I don’t remember this is the last beta.

  • Truc

    well, maybe a new search box in messages and email :D

  • mgiac

    Is anyone else having a problem in the music app? I can’t seem to shuffle all songs by an individual artist. IE if i wanted to play all the albums of an Artist on shuffle I can’t do that like I was able to in iOS 6

  • Franknitty

    My contact list focked up.. Many names gone and cant search for them,,

  • EJLEE072006

    Apple running out of idea..copied again.. If u want the real new thing,unique, metro futuristic,Xbox,live tiles fast quick no lag you all need a WINDOWSPHONE and its only going to get better.. Good job apple

    • Pacomacman

      Well I’m one of the many developers that stopped developing for Windows smartphones in favour of Apple, and I have no intention of moving back. What good is an OS without developers?

      • EJLEE072006

        I don’t see any reason for you not to develop for WINDOWSPHONE..if you are creative enough,ur app should SHINE..if you have time check the STORE and see how many quality apps are being pushed on weekly basis..

  • kjjtruong

    is it just me or did they add an opacity effect to the time stamp in notifications center?

  • Gonçalo

    Siri isn´t working when I ask her to change wifi or bluetooth or any toggle

  • TJG

    Safari goes full screen again I n landscape. So glad.

    • TJG

      On a side note, I’m having trouble typing.

  • itsBeek

    Every time i go to the Software Update option it always says “Your software is up to date.” Please help. I’m on IOS 7, the first beta.

    • Pajo

      You need Beta 2 before installing beta 3

      • itsBeek

        Ahhh, makes sense. Thanks

  • t3chnews

    how do i change the voice for siri?

    • Bigdaddydubs

      I would like to know this 2

      • De’Evin J. Johnson

        Settings,General,Siri,Voice Gender
        Option between Male & Female

  • EWake Web

    Hey guys, found a really good update for iOS Beta 3…The multitasking menu in Beta 1 and 2 had a major glitch when you closed programs where it would leave a blank space with no preview of an open app after closing other apps….now in iOS Beta 3 this has been fixed, now the next open app just slides over to view with a preview rather than a blank space! =)

  • Dangerous Dave

    tapping on a clock in world clocks changes it from analogue to digital formats

    • Sero Eskandaryan

      That was the case in beta 2 also

  • Elvis Rodríguez

    Some apps that requires location are crashing.ex: find my iphone:-/

  • ML

    When adding an image to a text/imessage it used to skip the first letters out of order if you added text into the same bubble. It no longer does that. That was super irritating.

  • Peter

    Sunspider javascript benchmark

    914.7 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 6
    839.1 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 1
    724.0 ms – iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 3

  • Enrique Gonzalez

    Does anyone else’s Notification Center went from transparent to a black scheme?

    • Jeeten Sheth

      Yes.. mine too!

      • Enrique Gonzalez

        It was actually the constrat setting I turned on in first BETA, try disabling it, and it will go back to normal.

    • Grayson

      try restarting your phone

    • Jeeten Sheth

      Try this.. Go to Accessibility and toggle Increase Contrast On and then Off.. now restart and your notification center will be translucent..

  • Jeeten Sheth

    Beta 3 is a battery sucker. It drains 1% battery almost every 3 mins, even in sleep mode!

    • Jeeten Sheth

      Anyone seeing this on iPhone 5??

      • Mkondrak

        not me. three year old iphone 4 and on ios 7 beta 3. I have depleted 10% battery in around 2-3 hours. I did charge it up to 100 percent and rebooted it a couple times (just because, nothing bad was happening)

        • Jeeten Sheth

          My iPhone 5 was also draining battery in Beta 2 when it was on LTE/4G. It used to retain battery power while on Wifi. Strange.

        • mkimid


  • Jorge

    can anyone provide me a link to download ios 7 from my iphone 4S thats running the latest ios 6 software please??? and any link that DOES NOT lead me to MEGA.

    • Bigdaddydubs

      What’s wrong with mega?

  • Pinalty

    Whenever I try to update I get this message “unable to check for update – an error occurred while checking for a software update “

    • iphone 5 user

      same here

    • keith


    • ffac789

      Yeah same. Either they found a way to block the non-devs or the server is having some issues with everyone trying to update? Doubt it though as beta 3 has been out since this morning.

    • Pinalty

      Don’t think so , I was able to update my iPad but not my iPhone so the server is super busy I think ( hope)

  • Margie684

    Subtitles available when watching some videos online…

  • Gonçalo

    Now on iPad there’s no 2x for iPhone apps

  • daaviiddeee

    when synchronizing the spinning icon overlaps the notification center pull down arrow


    Can’t stand that find my iphone is still not working. Anyone try podcast app?

  • Sero Eskandaryan

    Anybody else have a black notification center background?

    • Adolf

      Try rebooting.

      • Sero Eskandaryan

        Already tried man, reboot, Turned off and turn back on

      • Sero Eskandaryan

        Ok found it. If you have increase contrast on in accessibility it turns it black

  • Jeahman

    The overly dynamic colors for Dismiss and Call (Green and Red) are back. No good.

  • Thebiglloydtree

    I fail to see why everyone’s apparently so hyped for iOS 7. Looks like the same thing slightly reskinned, tbh.

    • ffac789

      I think it’s pretty even, in terms of people who are hyped and who are not hyped. You have the right to your opinion, but who cares if other people are excited? Let them be excited. Shouldn’t affect you in any way.

      • Thebiglloydtree

        I think it’s pretty even, how many differing opinions there are in the world. You have the right to your own, but if one is different to yours it fails to affect you in any way.

        • ffac789

          What he said. ^

    • Mohammed

      I was just like you
      Failing to see what makes it that good!!
      But when I took a deep look at it, I realized it is worth trying
      Apple IOS was so 2007
      Now they seem to be catching up well

  • chirag jain

    Reminders not working

  • mkimid

    at Reduced Motion Mode, the status bar background color become black

  • StrongIsland

    Where did the black icon labels go when I put a white SB wallpaper the icon labels stay white. No more black?

  • Norman Zhong

    I would like the Bluetooth to be able to increase the volume of the speaker. Currently, it can not fully utilize the Jabra in-car speaker to its maximum volume.

  • Robo

    Does anyone know what SiriViewService is used for?

  • Hakiim Mislam

    my notification center become black. does anyone got same issue? plus control center is not transparent anymore. siri also become black background.

    • Cly

      Turn off the more contrast toogle

      • Alan

        Where can I find the toggle?

        • angelovjandre

          You can find the toggle in the accessibility settings

  • Thomasb


  • Luzardo Neto

    Hello people! I’m not a developer, but i installed the ios 7 beta 2 into my iphone 5. Today a message telling to update the ios 7 beta 2 to ios beta 3 appeared, and i updated. Working very good, didn’t need an developer account.

    • Luzardo Neto

      Find my Iphone not working… Siri not working – “i can’t take any requests right now”. Black back screen when you change from multitasking to home. But the system seems to be more clear and faster than ios 7 beta 2. More clear folders, and a shadow around the icons names. Seems to be much more stable.

  • Matthew Black

    I just opened a link from the apple website for the 5 years of App Store free apps which opened an App Store within the iTunes app

  • Matthew Black

    You can now delete individual games from GameCentre scoreboards right from within GameCentre

    • Matthew Black

      Also if you delete a game from GameCentre that you haven’t yet uninstalled you get a prompt asking if you would also like to uninstall the game that you’ve removed the scores for

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Good article, very detailed overview. Thank you!

  • angelovjandre

    Cool Siri!

  • DeAndre Marquis

    Anyone else having a problem when trying to send a pic in the message app? Whenever I’m in a text window and I hit the camera button and select a picture, it crashes to home screen. Anyone else?

    • huss

      yup, i have the same problem

  • zer4ik

    Ask Siri to Change wallpapers ;)

    • Grayson

      lol it says it fast

  • Pieter Veenstra

    I mis the weeknumbers in calendar app

  • DB Bardella

    ios 7 beta 3 my facetime and iMessage not working…………..


    Craziest ios beta ever ! Look what happens when you create a folder and quickly remove the app

    • Justmahdi

      Sorry for the double upload :/

  • Franklin Richards

    Anyone noticed that the Panorama wallpaper has been limited. Previously, I had a rather wide panorama picture and could see the whole picture. However now I can only see half.

  • Fix it

    What they need to fix is when you close the application that you are on, it makes your background disappear. Then when you open another application, the background reappears.

  • Daaviiddeee

    Camera filters freeze when switching through them

  • Nicholas Fedail

    when i go to download the ios 7 for my iphone 5 on the evaders website when the mega website comes up it says download not avalible. what is wrong

  • Tobbe

    Spotify crashes when i’m adjust the volume. Not in beta 1, 2 but here in beta 3. Anyone else?

    • galadriann

      same here

  • Franknitty

    Find my iphone crash
    iMessage bugs
    Siri on off toggles dont work
    Mailapp bugs for example often answer button redirect etc doesnt appear when opening a mail
    Get some random reebots here and there
    Foto app bugs filters flippa and random filter is active when starting CAM

    Will continue this list

  • Raj

    Anyone having a problem with missed calls ? shows two times

    • huss

      I have the same problem
      and if I get a call while im using the phone. I’ll have 2 calls coming in from the same person which will automatically put one of the calls on hold.

      let me know if u find a fix

  • galadriann

    Navigon and ibody were not loading on beta 1 and 2… working again now .. ;-)
    Overall much smoother experience.

  • Vikram Aiyappa

    You can now play music during a phone call and the other caller won’t hear it.

  • phazeaction

    any issues restoring from an iOS6 iCloud backup to a device running iOS7 beta 3? beta 3 roached my contacts :/

  • Barista101

    The lyrics on the music app are not properly written by stanza.

  • LP

    Prior iOS 7 Beta 3 the shortcuts did not function properly, as well as the custom ringtones

  • Grayson

    When you click the Mic in messages it looks different than before.

  • Austin

    If someone mentions “tonight” for example in a text message, you can now click on it and you can go to that day in your calendar or create an event.

  • Gấu Mập

    the clock icon is animated now :)

  • Gấu Mập

    the clock icon is animated now :)

  • Keith James Davis

    It seems like most of the fonts have been changed to the fatter Helvetica Neue Regular rather than the thinner Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. I really wish they would have kept the ultra light font. I love the way it felt in messages. Now it just feels regular rather than ultra light (no pun intended).

  • Anthony San Juan

    Voice Memo – there’s no longer pause on lock screen when recording. Voice Memo is still buggy (either hangs or crashes) when recording for 30 mins or longer, but the good thing in Beta 3 is that it saves the recording immediately and it doesn’t get corrupted.

  • ChrisK

    I want to be able to disable Voice dialling without the need to set a password lock. I would also like to be able to select whether to turn off Wifi in lock mode or not. (Reason, there’s weak mobile signal in my office and I depended on whatsapp and iMessenger for communication. I want to keep Wifi on even in lock screen)

  • Thamizh

    skype app isn’t working in iphone 4

  • Keoni

    Siri no longer tells you a good place to hide a body. Although, it was sort of a morbid joke to even have her old answer encoded.

  • Keoni

    Siri also doesn’t seem to want to learn how to pronounce things in Beta 3 anymore.

  • Chris

    Anybody having issues with spotlight not conducting searches? The feature is there, just doesn’t do anything.

    • Cam

      Yes im having that problem on iPhone 5

  • Cam

    Don’t know how new or well known this feature is but… You can swipe left in the music app to delete any particular song. Awesome, something I always wanted.

  • Vicente

    When i delete a song from a playlist on the music app, the app force closes. When i arrange the songs in a playlist, the songs double, making it seem like i added two of the same songs, when i didn’t

  • Vicente

    In the notes app, if you have to scroll down to the last thing you wrote, it will be blocked by the bottom of the screen.

  • Chetan

    The animation for button press feedback in calculator app has been slightly changes since ios 7 beta 2

  • Jake

    When I click on a word to define in ios 7 beta 4 it says add dictionary and after that is stats blank, does anyone know a fix for that?

    • Roxanne Dropps

      I want to know also

  • Theyag

    When using Music app from iOS7 I am not able to control the skip track from a paired car BT player. Also when tried to to skip a track from control center, its not doing so until I get inside the Music app and skip that track to next one. Is there any setting that needs to be modified?

    • Megan

      Having same problem hope someone can help.

  • Joeyx

    Still no horizontal dock? It can ve done on my ipad mini but not on my iphone:(

  • CC

    where is the delete icon on the new text messages screen?

    • hopchick

      Press and hold any text, and a menu pops up with “Copy” and “More…”. Hit “More…” and that text will flag and you can choose others if wanted, then hit the trashcan at the bottom left. Annoying to have an extra step, but I’ll take it since they finally made it so going into the app didn’t automatically go to an unread text!

  • Montana Rocket

    How do you delete apps from IPad and Close Apps now on the new io7??

  • guest

    The ‘reduce motion’ option is simply missing from my phone… WTF?? :(

  • Logan

    With the new update even with contrast turned off my control center is gray I have the iPhone4