iOS market share drops in Western Europe

Data collected by Kantar Worldpanel shows that Android is exploding. Between March and May of this year, Google’s OS hit a ridiculous 70.4% market share in Western Europe. Apple’s iOS on the other hand, compared to the same period a year ago, it’s dropped 1.4% to 17.8% total.

Should we consider this as terrible news? Not really. Let’s think about this logically. A lot of the people who bought Android phones this year probably don’t even know what Android is. Their contracts were up for renewal, they walked into a shop, and the cheapest thing in that shop was probably an Android phone.

Apple meanwhile, this is unfortunately an off year. Consumers are starting to pick up on the fact that the “new” iPhone comes out once every two years, and that the model in between is just a “refresh”. That and let’s be serious, the iPhone is an expensive phone, period, and unemployment in Europe is at an all time high.

So you shouldn’t worry about this. At all. Over in the US, iOS is up 3.5%!


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  • guest

    nice picture of an eastern european capital (Budapest)… :D

    • Steve


    • Carl Smooth

      Well, it is a nice pic and maybe we should count Hungary as “western” earopean country soon :)

    • iPhoneHacks

      Pic removed so we can have a more relevant discussion :D

  • tyko

    Here in france s4 starts to dominate in my class there are 8 s4 for 20 people in my class

  • peros

    i can talk about Sweden and Greece.Android and s4 has really explode,ios with iPhone has really fall .2 years ago i could see people holding only apple 90%,today i see people holding s2 and up…I am a crazy apple fan boy,i dont only own 4s and iphone 5 i own many other apple products.But im really thinking to buy s4 :/

  • barondebxl

    Android isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Apple better get used to it.

  • Neil

    It’s interesting to see that Windows has gained some share almost reaching double digits in some countries albeit the numbers aren’t of significance yet.