Is iPhone 5 the “most hated” smartphone?

galaxy-s4-vs-iphone-5-drop-testLast week, a number of large publications carried a story on how the iPhone was the “most hated” smartphone based on an analysis of social media data done by research firm We Are Social. Samsung’s Galaxy S4, on the other hand, was crowned the “most loved.”

There seemed to be something wrong with the iPhone 5 getting the “most hated” tag given that it’s the best selling smartphone, and Apple has consistently won customer satisfaction awards for the iPhone. Here are the figures for the number of conversations on the launch day for each high-profile smartphone launch:

smartphone conversation figure

It’s not surprising that the iPhone led the number of launch day conversations, (surprisingly) followed by the BlackBerry Z10 and then the Galaxy S4. “Negative” comments for the iPhone were probably ones that talked about the change in the connector (30-pin to Lightning), most of which can’t be termed as “hateful”.

Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune dug in and found out that the “most hated” tag had originated from The Daily Mail:

But there was no such study on [WeAreSocial’s] website that I could find, and no way of determining whether the research was theirs or someone else’s. (A call to their New York office went unanswered and their phone number had not yet been set up to receive voice mail.)


Note that nowhere in the chart do the phrases “most-hated” or “most-loved” appear. That, I suspect, was the work of some genius at the Daily Mail’s London office.

That seems very likely, given that there’s a huge difference between “negative” and “hate.” A person’s tweet about a certain feature of the iPhone 5 could be negative, but he or she might still go out and buy the phone. If the Galaxy S4 was indeed “most loved” its sales would have been much faster than the iPhone 5, but it isn’t so. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s during the opening weekend, while it took Samsung almost an entire month to sell 10 million Galaxy S4s.

What do you think about the “most hated” tag being given to the iPhone 5?

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