Is iPhone 5 the “most hated” smartphone?

galaxy-s4-vs-iphone-5-drop-testLast week, a number of large publications carried a story on how the iPhone was the “most hated” smartphone based on an analysis of social media data done by research firm We Are Social. Samsung’s Galaxy S4, on the other hand, was crowned the “most loved.”

There seemed to be something wrong with the iPhone 5 getting the “most hated” tag given that it’s the best selling smartphone, and Apple has consistently won customer satisfaction awards for the iPhone. Here are the figures for the number of conversations on the launch day for each high-profile smartphone launch:

smartphone conversation figure

It’s not surprising that the iPhone led the number of launch day conversations, (surprisingly) followed by the BlackBerry Z10 and then the Galaxy S4. “Negative” comments for the iPhone were probably ones that talked about the change in the connector (30-pin to Lightning), most of which can’t be termed as “hateful”.

Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune dug in and found out that the “most hated” tag had originated from The Daily Mail:

But there was no such study on [WeAreSocial’s] website that I could find, and no way of determining whether the research was theirs or someone else’s. (A call to their New York office went unanswered and their phone number had not yet been set up to receive voice mail.)


Note that nowhere in the chart do the phrases “most-hated” or “most-loved” appear. That, I suspect, was the work of some genius at the Daily Mail’s London office.

That seems very likely, given that there’s a huge difference between “negative” and “hate.” A person’s tweet about a certain feature of the iPhone 5 could be negative, but he or she might still go out and buy the phone. If the Galaxy S4 was indeed “most loved” its sales would have been much faster than the iPhone 5, but it isn’t so. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s during the opening weekend, while it took Samsung almost an entire month to sell 10 million Galaxy S4s.

What do you think about the “most hated” tag being given to the iPhone 5?

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  • Brian

    Haters gonna hate!!!

    • Unknown


  • We

    Iphone 5 is a great phone with beauty. But i think people attached their hate for ios to the iphone 5

  • Daniel Summers

    We always hear about the iPhone fails but what about galaxy. I have read so many stories of how people hate galaxy and wanna go make to iPhone but No we only hear one side.

    • RandomGamer342

      Hating on apple sells well and gives a lot more views than hating on anyone else, so no matter what they do, apple can’t win in the media

      • Jerry

        Apple works better in media than Microsoft… In order for you to know that is if you work in media related field which I do. I worked in radio and TV, and Apple products work better than Microsoft or other products like Linux.

    • Bo

      I had 30 days to try the Galaxy S4 before making the final decision. Keep in mind that I have been using iPhone for several years so the Galaxy S4 felt different, It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I even visited the Apple store several times to compare between the two phones. But at the end, the big screen convinced me to keep the Galaxy S4 and also the fact that I was able to upgrade the memory card to 64 gig and the processor is super fast. And over time I got used to how the Galaxy operates and fell in love with the device and chose to keep it and not go back to iPhone. I’m a tech savvy so I enjoy the challenges and new discoveries but I can see how most people don’t like change and stick with the familiar.

      • Zangpakto

        Use Cyanogen then… btw… ;)

        Also I prefer iPhone… For me… For programming I prefer the fact I can just upload stuff into market etc and not pay :/

      • Your EGO

        Same I wanted a bigger screen too. You can keep all the s health and s this and s that. Phones are getting bigger. The Samsung mega is too big but I would love a IPhone the size of the galaxy note. I would go back day one with my preorder. However I think this year we will get iphone 5s the same shape and size. A better a7 processor a better camera and the “one more thing” that pulls you in to rebuy the same phone from last year. In 2014 hopefully apple will catch up or even better reinvent the iPhone with a 5 inch screen and something more then ios 7. Come now if you paint a 1987 Toyota with fire engine red and give it some rims and a spoiler it is still a 1987 Toyota. changing a skin is not reinventing anything it is just a cover up.

  • Bo

    I just switched from iPhone to Galaxy S4 simply for the bigger
    screen and to be totally honest, I love both phones. However, if I had to rate both phones,
    the iPhone will be number one for user friendly and the ease in
    organizing and syncing files. Also, when switching from one phone to
    another, keep in mind that your text messages from the iPhone will not
    transfer to S4 and the Galaxy S4 only plays mp3 music file formats and I had to
    spend money on 3rd party software to make the transition.
    And BTW, my mac doesn’t even recognize the S4 device so luckily I also
    have a PC and use it for syncing. However, the S4 can play adobe flash
    without the need to jail break the phone and risking loosing apple
    support. And there are lots of great apps for Galaxy S4 supporting
    office documents and other various files formats. Anyway, this is my
    experiencing and just something to consider.

  • AaronSmith86

    The iPhone and iOS are both terrible products.

    • RandomGamer342

      I think you confused “terrible” with “terrific”

      No, but seriously, what are you doing on this site? You just wasted everyone’s bandwidth to make yourself look like a complete tool

      • Unknown

        Yeah probably

  • Jerry

    Well I’m an IT Software Engineer and tried both iPhone and Galaxy and I don’t change my iPhone for Galaxy. Even though the Galaxy can play Flash Player, that doesn’t make it the best phone. Flash it’s old, and developers are designing their websites in HTML5 which has flash already integrate it. The websites that are designed in HTML 4.01 require Flash player in order for them to display the animated content, and companies are upgrading their websites to HTML5 witch is supported by iPhone, iPod and iPad’s. For the memory, well Apple don’t have the extended memory, however the have iTunes Match and iCloud and that allows you to have your music directly in the cloud without wasting your device memory. I have been an iPhone user since iPhone 3GS and being switching to every new device it launch and the iPhone have been the best of every brand I tried (Sanyo, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and others). I personally own an iPhone 5 64GB not full, I still have like 15 GB available, an iPad 128 GB almost full with 4 GB available and other Apple products. I’m would say that iPhone is the most love it one and galaxy the most hated one. By the way Apple have improved their products a lot better since 1995 when I started working with Apple products. Since the I have worked with Windows products and Apple and I noticed that Apple is WAY better than Microsoft.

    • ron

      Isheeeep brainlesss

  • C, N

    Just because something is criticised alot it doesn’t mean that it is hated, “most criticised” and “least criticised” would have been better terminology to use. Besides if something is the most hated or criticised it can often mean that it has one of the biggest crowds. Here in Aus the AFL team that is most hated, also has the largest number of supporters. Basically all people who don’t like it, hate it.

  • dkhan

    Long time iPhone user first time Android user (S4). Android strengths are you can customize almost all the UI without rooting. Android sucks in that apps freeze all the time or suck your battery. This is evident in the faft you get an app killer out of the box on the S4. iPhone, all settings are in one screen. Seems more fluid and apps hang less. But the user experience cant be tailored without jailbreaking and thats limited to the iphone 4 and older on the current IOS. Big screen is awesome. iPhone with a big screen will p0wn again. Even with a locked down UI.

  • Bakatakabaka

    I don’t get the big screen argument. I opened this website (and many others) on both devices and the text size was the same. Just waisted space. You people are being fooled by Samsung marketing. If I turn the iPhone to landscape I get bigger text than on the s4. Oh well. I drive a truck too btw ;)

  • Shaikh

    I love you iPHONE

  • Shaikh

    I own a mobile phone shop people are asking why most people using samsung phones than iphone. My answer is just the world is full of fools than smart people.

  • Pat

    The way i see it, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I enjoy my iphone 5 and even had an argument with a fellow today. He stated windows new phone is the best out there, I beg to differ, it is easy to critize what a phone can’t or does not do. The creativity and smoothness in its os gets me every time .

  • Nick

    I personally dislike Apple as a whole. They make a great product and they work well but they don’t care about the consumer. I understand business is business but most of the technology they come out with anymore has already been introduced to the Android community usually a year before.

    Also, comparing the iPhone to just ONE Android based phone isn’t a fair comparison as far as sales go. There are hundreds of Android devices out there and under 20 iOS devices out there. And if you wanted to get specific, correct me if I’m wrong, only 6 iPhones. How many Android smart phones are there?

    I go back and forth between the two only because I want to be well versed in both products. Currently I’m using the S4 and have plans of checking out the latest iPhone once it comes out.


  • tralallala

    Swapped my ip5 to gs4. I love the gs4 because of its screen and customization options still no one beats iphone 5 in terms of smoothness and fluidity.. the gs4 lags sometimes.

  • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

    well the iphone 5 was a pretty pointless release

  • james

    the iphone 5 was slower then the GS3 , nexus, and other handsets on benchmarks test . it’s basically the same phone as the iphone 4 and 4s just a bigger screen. No SD card Slot. Applecare is a ripoff . iPhone screens break easily even when dropped on soft surfaces. Oh yeah iOS sucks and iOS7 looks like a wannabe android os.

  • |-| 4 ( |<e !?

    Talking about screen breaking , I have both GS4 and iPhone 5 , my iphone dropped and didn’t break . After a week I was using my GS4 so I accidently fall asleep and my GS4 dropped , I was shocked the next fay that its screen was in pieces , the fact that the bigger screen is easier to break :/

  • |-| 4 ( |<e !?

    Sorry day* not fay*

  • ML

    I had iPhone for about 4 years, 2 different models. When the 5 came out, I was bummed because I was bored with the OS. I switched to the Droid Razr HD, as it just came out last fall. Around the same time, my brother switched from iPhone to the GS3. It took some time to get used to, and after a while I like it. My brother went through 3 GS3’s before saying F%&* it, and went back to the iPhone 5. I have been having so many problems with my phone too, and I’m over it. I’ll be paying full price for the new iPhone when it comes out just to get away from this piece of junk. I thought I wanted open source, customization, and freedom. But I came to realize I just want a phone that works.

    Listen people, when it comes down to the top few phones in the market, there isn’t one that reigns over all. Its all a matter of personal preference. There are things I liked about Android, but after having it for 9 months, I know I work better with iPhone. Some specs might be better than others, but it all depends on HOW you use the phone. I prefer the iPhone screen size over my larger Droid, or the GS3. Makes me laugh when people tout the Galaxy as being the best because it has a bigger screen. I get why people prefer Android. But for me, the new iPhone won’t come soon enough.

  • Erich

    Apple blocks the App “iBlacklist” because Apple receives a revenue share from cell phone providers whenever an iPhone user receives harassing sales calls and SMS. Spoke with their Executive Office and they confirmed this. With a Galaxy or Blackberry such annoying calls and SMS can be blocked. I hate Apple for that.

  • elijah reiland

    In my opinion, the galaxy s4 by far outshines the iphone 5. That being said, i must state that i am not an apple hater. I am writing this comment on my Macbook Air, which i love very much.

    The Iphone 5: To start off, nearly everyone i know with an iphone has jailbroken their device in order to utilize cydia because of the iphones limitations. The small screen and very limited functionality of the iphone is a huge turn off. The iphone is very smooth and precise in what it does, but it “does” very little. As for the appearance of the iphone 5, it is sleek and i am a fan of the metal unibody, however apple seems to be big on one design flaw, the large surface area of unused space on the face of the device. The company has kept the very recognizable, aesthetically unpleasing and functionality limiting design for much too long. The screen is also not at all durable.

    The Samsung GS4: The larger screen displays a slightly more saturated and brilliant screen than the Iphone, while utilizing a much larger percentage of the face of the phone. The snapdragon processer is also much more preferable to the one provided in iOS. The galaxy s4 is much richer in what it is capable of doing. People have pointed out that samsung used the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach. I would much rather have a device with many great preloaded apps, with a few apps that are largely underdeveloped and resemble an alpha version than a device that is capable of only the very limited, or having to void my factory warranty in order to use cydia.