Report claims Apple to launch iPhone 5S with 4.3-inch display, to delay launch until the end of the year


Here’s the crazy rumor of the day. Bloomberg relays a new report from Taiwan’s Commercial Times, which claims that the launch of the next generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5S, will be delayed to the end of this year as Apple has decided to increase the size of the screen from 4-inches to 4.3-inches.

Bloomberg reports:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) may delay the introduction of the iPhone 5S until the end of the year after the design was changed to feature a bigger 4.3-inch retina display screen, the Commercial Times reported.

The company previously scheduled the release for September or October, the Taiwanese newspaper reported, citing unidentified people in the semiconductor industry. Takashi Takebayashi, a spokesman for Apple in Tokyo, wasn’t immediately available to comment to Bloomberg News.

Apple increased the size of the screen from 3.5-inches to 4-inches just last year with the launch of iPhone 5, so it seems highly unlikely that Apple will again increase the size of the screen this year.

There have been rumors that Apple is working on an iPhone with a larger screen (4.8 to 5-inch screen), but that will be a different model, and is rumored to be launched sometime next year.

iPhone 5S is widely expected to feature the same design as the iPhone 5 and come with improved internals such as 12-megapixel camera, faster A-series chip. It is expected to be launched around the September timeframe.

We would love to see Apple launch a 4.3-inch iPhone, but we doubt that will happen anytime soon, especially after telling us why the taller 4-inch display is perfect few months back.

Commercial Times via Bloomberg

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  • ewrw

    they will!

  • mkimid

    “crazy rumor” is the right word

  • Dangerous Dave

    i am more inclined to think it would be the iphone 6 with the 4.3 inch screen, , i am sure if there was a new screen size some one would of found reference to this in ios7 betas

    • Slick

      ur right which is why i am trying to find my first android

      • Slick

        even with all the phablets and 5 inches 4.3 has always been my personal favorite size I been feeling that since

        “Toshiba REGZA T-01D”

        • Damian W

          4.3 is a great screen. BBz10 looks really good with it.

  • Slick

    anything bigger then 4″ I will stay with iphone

    5s pics leaked on 16th probably real
    4inch with IGZO i will consider i dont think so though

    (JB right away or anything “bigger than the jailbreak” I will probably stay with iphone as well)

    dont worry iphonehacks even if i go Android i will still check back to this super duper site !!!

    • Damian W

      iphone 5 seems big enough, but after some time it starts feeling small when you try to read articles or do some detail things on it.

      I think the perfect size i have seen is presented by BBz10. It is the size between galaxy s4 and iPhone 5. Just right in the middle, where it should be. I believe it is 4.5 inch.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Could 4.3″ fit in the iPhone 5 frame with a thinner bezel? IGZO would make that possible and the example picture in this article is obviously way off, that’s at least 5″.

  • Slickrick

    4,5 is max .. And then it has to Be veeeeery tight bezels.. Im not goin back in time again with clumsy phones ( 2 years with samsung was enough)..

  • Adam

    I dont understand why apple couldnt just have 2 different sizes available. In the end whats sells things is that people want them. More choices means better sales i think. Personally i think apple should look at some of the great ideas offered from cydia. I know they do a little but not enough as theres do many great ideas out there. One other thing is spple seem a lot slower releasing newer models than samsung. Ill be interested to see where the iphone is at by 2017.