iPhone 5S with Fingerprint sensor confirmed in code references found in iOS 7 beta 4

Apple released iOS 7 beta 4 earlier today with a number of performance improvements and minor UI tweaks, but an internal code reference points to a big upcoming change — the addition of a fingerprint sensor in a future iPhone.

Specifically, the references suggest that the fingerprint sensor would be a part of the next iPhone’s home button. Here are the relevant strings:

“Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the home button with their thumb”

“A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process”

“Recognition is complete”


The strings are a part of a bundle named “BiometricKitUI,” and are what iOS would read to the user if VoiceOver is enabled. 9to5Mac’s sources say that the UI part of the fingerprint scanning system has been done, and that the feature is focused on unlocking the iPhone.

Fingerprint sensor has been a much rumored feature of the iPhone 5S, ever since Apple acquired Authentec, a mobile security firm specialising in these sensors.

[via @hamzasood]

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  • Yup nope

    Then I guess we can look forward to an alternative log-in method for all of our apps too!

    Or how about using for emergency password recovery

    Oh boy! Then if we lost our phone, someone could easily navigate the file substrate and extract our unique prints! (Since you know EVERYONE will want this flashy bs)

    Oh apple, you serpent, you

    Nice touch with the cardboard phones too ;)

    • Matthew Black

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with next dude.

    • John

      How would the thief be able to bypass locks to navigate to the file location and extract our fingerprints? Hopefully Apple would be smart enough to encrypt the fingerprint file(s) and other problematic holes in the feature. I’m wondering if entering a numbered password will give access to the device and furthermore access to changing or turning off the fingerprint key without having to re-enter your fingerprint key and instead use the 4-digit lock, hopefully not, otherwise the fingerprint lock would be pointless. Having a digit-combination lock such as the 4-digit lock on current iDevices would then be a flaw to the fingerprint lock unless Apple has separate restrictions and abilities of each type of lock (fingerprint & 4 digit). Apple needs to have a “delete or delete all fingerprint(s)” option as for an individual’s safety and protection. All these problems can be fixed, and there may be more, but for problems that I have listed, can be fixed with proper implementation with the feature. The main problem though, that I am most worried about, is Apple downloading our fingerprints to their servers. There won’t be offline fingerprints, at least in the US, as police or federal investigation agencies will need to access devices for crime or unconsented observation (which happens). That means the fingerprints need to stored somewhere in Apple’s servers or in your nation’s government servers. I’m a bit worried, potentially giving out my fingerprint to Apple if and when the feature comes out. If the feature is implemented in the next generation of iDevices, they’ll have to have much, much better security, so breaches don’t happen like last week.

      • John

        Although I specifically talked about the 4 pin lock, it applies to other types of digital locks as well.

        • John

          Sorry for the mass of grammatical errors stitched into the post, I forgot to proofread. :L

          • John

            Oops, found a flaw in my post. The government will already have access to our fingerprints, but the risk of our fingerprints being downloaded to Apple’s servers remains. I really wish there were an EDIT option here, my posts look too unsightly and messy as I have to post multiple times rather than editing one post. I have an account, maybe I can edit posts with an account, but even so, I forgot my password, and I used a fake e-mail address..


    Read an article on this on Apple Insider, apparently it can also be used to authorize purchases. I’ve got one thing to say to that: Hell no! Having to enter a password is the only thing stopping me from impulse purchases!

    Apart from that, everything else is cool.

  • Scotch

    Changing the home button is Gonna be a bit*h now

  • that one guy

    I really hope that this isn’t their selling point because that’s pretty cool but its only one thing being changed.
    oh and also like always, a little faster and the cam will be a little better.
    same story different year :/

    • that one girl

      don’t forget, slimmer and lighter