Keep your passwords safe and secure with mSecure [Deals Hub]

iPH - msecure

In this day and age of privacy concerns and the need for better tools to secure your identity, iPhone Hacks Deals is offering mSecure for Mac – the ultimate bodyguard for securing your accounts and passwords.

All your information and passwords will be completely safeguarded by the ultra-secure 256bit Blowfish encryption; the safest encryption code available. Protect personal information such as account numbers, user names, passwords and anything else you can think of with mSecure – and at a price that’s toughto be beat: only $11.99!

(Please note: This is strictly the Mac OS version and not for iOS, PC, or Android. For more information on the other reminders surrounding this offer, visit the Deals Hub.)

Here are the top features of mSecure:

  • Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes.
  • Password Generator to create “un-guessable” passwords.
  • Sync Everywhere™ cloud data protection architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.
  • New Dropbox Cloud sync enables data sync over standard Internet connection – no firewall setup required.
  • Over 270 icons to personalize your records.
  • Numerous customizable features so mSecure will work quickly and fluidly for your needs.

Not only will your information be impenetrable, but mSecure is capable of generating passwords that are virtually impossible to guess (and hack) so you can be effectively protected.

But this deal won’t last forever. Your privacy and security are worth more than $11.99, but that’s all that mSecure is going to cost you courtesy of iPhone Hacks Deals. Get it from the Deals Hub and get peace of mind today!

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