Microsoft continues to attack iPad in the latest Surface RT ad

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Microsoft continues to poke fun at Apple’s iPad, despite the embarrassing $150 price cut it had to make to sell its Surface RT tablet.

The new Windows 8: Surface RT vs. iPad ad makes use of Siri’s voiceover to highlight some of the shortcomings on the iPad compared to Surface RT such as the lack of an integrated kick stand, a USB port, and the TouchType keyboard accessory.

It ends by highlighting the price difference between 32Gb iPad, which is available for $599 and the 16GB Surface RT, which is available for just $349 after the price cuts with the voiceover saying “This isn’t going to end too well for me is it? Nope definitely not ending well. Do you still think I’m pretty.”

Microsoft can make fun of the iPad, but the price cuts tells you all you need to know.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Bob

    These ads are funny and stupid , making siri saying what it would never say just to poke fun at iPad , this makes ofwindows tablet funny not the iPad

    • Keoni

      Eh, that’s just MS showing us how advanced their artificial speech system would sound if they were to copy an inventive idea as a virtual assistant like Siri. Lol. Besides, do they mention that that same 32 GB model has practically only half that in available space to use for your files and apps out of the box? Thus, giving a reason for a USB port to plug in a larger Ext. HDD. Ah, I say MS has definitely shown me exactly what I’d like to spend my money on.

      • hemi

        Its funny too, in my experience when someone has to put someone or something down negatively, it usually means they are not happy or disappointed with themselves!! Haha very sad!!

        • Sara L

          Funny.. this began when Apple attacked Microsoft with the ‘Hello I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC’ commercial..putting Microsoft down negatively..

  • John

    Its not as good as the previous two ads. This feels like more of the same.

  • karnbadjatia

    its funny only because its so contradictory to whats happening…on one hand MS has to slash prices cause of poor sales and on the other hand its mocking the reason why its going down…

  • Sara L

    I don’t see how a major price cut is embarrassing – maybe they stumbled on a process that makes production overall, cheaper. This happens from time to time. One law of marketing is that similarity is everything. However they’re square pads, that’s where the similarity ends. Microsoft is presenting the iPad as if it’s supposed to interface with Windows machines: it’s not. it’s an Apple system, with Apple technology.