PredictiveKeyboard: SwiftKey Inspired Keyboard tweak for your jailbroken iPhone

PredictiveKeyboard is a new jailbreak tweak inspired by SwiftKey, the popular keyboard alternative that is available for Android.

In case you are not aware, SwiftKey includes a prediction engine that learns how you write to predict the next word.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the jailbreak tweak adds additional row to the iOS keyboard, which displays real-time predictions. It can learn words as well as phrases. While it may take time getting used to this new technique of typing on the virtual keyboard, it should make typing easier and faster.


You have the option to clear the learned words via the Settings app. You also have the option to enable or disable the tweak on the fly. You can download language packs for free from Cydia.


Check out this demo video of the tweak in action below:

The tweak can be downloaded for free from Cydia, however it does not use Cydia’s payment processing, and you need to buy a license for $2.39 via PayPal to activate it (Settings -> PredictiveKeyboard -> Buy/Download License).

The tweak is compatible with keyboard tweaks such as SwipeSelection, AltKeyboard and iOS autocorrection. It is not compatible with 5-row keyboard tweaks, ColorKeyboard and apps such as AppLocker and Lockdown.

Let us know what you think of PredictiveKeyboard in the comments below.