Microsoft can laugh at the iPad, but these Surface price cuts tell you all you need to know

Microsoft’s been running some anti-iPad ads that are so terrible they’re not even worth wasting your time watching. They basically highlight the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT, two operating systems no one wants, are more versatile than iOS. Ummm, sure, whatever.

Truth be told, if people love Windows so much, then why has Microsoft slashed the price of the Surface RT? What was once a $499 device that needed a $100 keyboard accessory to become useful is now $449 for both the device and the keyboard in a 32 GB configuration. An extra $100 buys you an extra 32 GB.

These price cuts could very well be due to the fact that Microsoft is rumored to be introducing a second generation Surface RT, and this is likely the case, but that still implies that Microsoft has a ton of excess stock that they’ve failed to push.

How many Surfaces have actually shipped? Microsoft doesn’t provide those figures. That alone tells you everything you need to know. Meanwhile, we say bring on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2!

[Via: MacRumors]

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  • richard

    Microsoft is over. Got too greedy from the very beginning, took things for granted, thought things won’t change. They did, they always do, and now it’s too late. Over and over, they have proved their old-fashioned ways. I won’t miss Microsoft.

  • Steve

    Pity Steve is not here to see it.

    • bcsc

      Yes, it would have been great for him to see his platform being swallowed by Android down to a meager 17% market share. I would have liked that too.

  • Sholto Douglas

    Funny you should say that Richard because that exactly is what Apple is becoming look at Android Apple never thought they would prove competition Apple hardly changes their products just small rehashes of the same products and anything “New” they release is just ripped straight from competitiors

    • Zhen

      *Cough* Mac Pro.

  • grem

    apple are no better than microsoft they are both driven by greed but microsoft does have a point in that ios is very limiting if un jailbroken and both apple and microsoft products are way over priced and they have complete disregard for customers by ripping us off at every turn ebook prices just one example

    • moe22

      Apple is better because they can control the demand right up until they release another product. They only lower prices for old products when a new one is already out. They are better for many reasons. They are also evil for other reasons, tax dodging etc.

      • john

        lower prices as in £314 for an iphone 4 witch was released in 2010 or £430 for a 4s witch was in 2011 or a brand new lumia 925 for £60 more and is 2 years newer

    • Zhen

      This is a slight spinoff, but I just want to point out that Billy extracted more of Microsofts profits into his pocket (Salary and bonuses) than Steve Jobs has done in his lifetime, infact I believe Jobs took up the

      ‘One-dollar salary’ like other ‘tech giants’ have done. At least Steve died working for something him loved ‘Apple’, instead of Bill’s transfer to ‘part-time’ job in Microsoft.

      • bcsc

        Yeah you’re right. Steve Jobs died supporting corporate greed, while Bill gates only does things like silly humanitarian work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Steve is the obvious winner here.

    • Thomas Mrak

      Yes, there are some cruel rich people, but “evil” Capitalists make money by providing products and services other people want to buy, and in order to build their “evil” empires they higher other people to help them.

      I also don’t always agree with Apple, Microsoft, and other companies’ businesses practices, but it isn’t my right to tell them how to do business.

      However, if you don’t like something or what a company is doing, you don’t have to buy their products.

      Being angry because a private company isn’t bending over backwards to wait on you and lower their prices because you find it “unfair” is entitled.

      If they weren’t getting enough sales, they’d slash their prices or offer more for the same price.

      Clearly, that is what Microsoft has done.

      If iOS is limiting to you, jailbreak it, switch to Android, or get a bunch of people together to create a competing platform.

      It’s not like you don’t have choices.

      Nearly everyone know can afford what is essentially a portable supercomputer that can access almost the entire sum of human knowledge.

      These “greedy” companies have made this technology available to you at a price which many people, and not just the wealthiest individuals or large companies, can afford isn’t worthy of gratitude.

      No one has down more to raise the standard of living of all people, not just by providing jobs, but making products and services which enrich our lives more than the “evil, rich people.” whose greed pushes them to find ways to make things cheaper and more accessible to more people.

      • john

        in reply i have never bought an apple or microsoft product
        i use android and linux thanks

        you seem to be taking it a bit personal

        and if you believe these things enrich your life then you should maybe look past your ipad or iphone and look at the real world

        as its my kids that enrich my life lol

  • Andrew Pafitis

    No one wants Windows 8 RT, which is why they’re slashing prices on the Surface RT. Windows 8 RT is a very limited operating system. The Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro has a very bright future, and the prices on those are not being cut. In fact, Microsoft just released their 128GB version of the Surface Pro….. I certainly know what I’m buying myself for Christmas!

    Apple has a good thing going with iOS 7; I’ve been on the beta for iPhone 5 and iPad for a few weeks now, and they’re definitely moving in the right direction so for innovation’s sake I’m very happy. At the same time I can’t shake off the feeling that I still want the power of a full desktop OS on a touchscreen tablet, and I’m sure I’m not alone on that one, so I really think the Surface Pro will only take off from here; Microsoft is just cutting the fat off of their product line by taking out the RT version with a crippled OS.

    • Gautam

      Yeah agree, a little disappointed that we didn’t see any pro features for the iPad.

    • Kraken

      Windows RT is pretty much the worst mobile OS. It’s locked down like an IOS device but without the huge app store or well designed interface. The whole reason why Windows was successful is because you could write share and sell any program you wanted for it without M$’s approval. Windows RT breaks all of that just because M$ saw Apple’s profits from the app store and got greedy.

      Windows 8 has promise though; once x86 CPUs get more energy heat and space efficient.

  • LittleColin

    “That alone tells you everything you need to know.” – that’s right people! Look no further; don’t look at the capabilities of the devices or whether they suit your needs – the important thing is whether other people are buying them, not whether it’s a good device. You only need to care that what you bought is fashionable so people don’t laugh at you.

    • Gautam

      It’s foolish to think that 100s of millions of users have bought the iPad because it is fashionable. Please don’t be-little people’s power to choose.

      People buy the iPad because it is the best tablet out there, especially with the apps available in the App Store.

      Microsoft was in the same illusion. They thought that iPhone and iPad were a fad. But realized that it is not and had to create their own devices when they saw the iPad affecting PC sales.

      We definitely need competition from Microsoft, but to say people bought the iPad because it is fashionable and because they don’t want to be laughed at, is ridiculous.

      • yis

        ad populum fallacy, read about it.

        • Gautam

          So the success of the iPad is because of this theory? Okay.

          • LittleColin

            Did you actually read up on this theory? I believe yis was commenting on the premise of the article that greater sales figures means a better device – which it doesn’t, anymore than high box office numbers means a good movie.

          • Gautam

            Greater sales need not mean a better device, but it is usually the case when it comes to gadgets, especially when people are spending more than $500.

      • Thomas Mrak

        I own a Macbook Pro, have owned various iPods since almost since day one, have an iPhone 4, and I never once bought them because I wanted to impress other people.

        Apple cares about quality, the user experience, and they have some of the the best customer support in the business.

        I will say there are things I like about Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Linux, but everything I mentioned is kludgy, although there are some promising technologies and features there.

        I am not sure how the company will turn out with Steve Jobs gone, but it will be awhile before they disappear.

  • yis

    writer is such a fanboy -_-

    • Brad Hodson

      You’re on iPhone Hacks .com, what did you expect?

  • Ruben

    Looks like the man in the picture is talking ish about a company, while wearing high-water pants. Everything Microsoft said about the iPad is all wrong and just wait for Ios 7 on September 20th.

  • John

    Wow… This post is not bias at all…

    BTW, the ads are pretty good.

    • Brad Hodson

      You’re on, what were you expecting?

    • James Cordero

      I like both and I own both each serve a task that is all!

  • laurnzo

    I am a fun of apple products as well as your site and will still visit first thing every morning like i have been doing since it was first launched. To be honest, your statement about, and i quote “Truth be told, if people love Windows so much, then why has Microsoft slashed the price of the Surface RT?” is baseless. When the first apple iPhone come out, it was $650 with a 2 year contract, yes with a 2 year contract. I was one of early adopters.nWhen the iPhone 3G was released, the price dropped to $199 subsidized. Your notion of the price being slashed because it’s not selling is not accurate. In my world, I do know a lot of people owning the RT, yes not as many as those having the iPad I know apple carries quality products when it comes to hardware but i’m losing interest everyday with their software. I ran windows 8 on my macbook pro and seem to using it more and more than Mac OS X. Don’t know about other people but IOS 7 is so Windows 8 is not funny. Like is said, i love the hardware but losing face with the OS. I think i’m done with apple products as far as Macs are concerned. Ethernet port is gone(I need mine for work, wireless its not that reliable for me), USB is limited(sorry but thunderbolt is not mainstream yet) DVD- rom is gone,( I don’t wanna carry external, I carry enough items already and i hate cloud, don’t trust it one bit. Gov shopping on everything you put up online.) All these are my personal preference. Apple is dying for me.

    Before you put up any negative response, please note that i own 2 apple tv (bedroom and media room) 1 macbook pro, 1 mac mini, 1 time capsule, 1 iPad 4, 1 iPhone 5, 1 iPod touch 4 Gen and i have have my iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4s as well as the 5 which i mentioned earlier.

    By the way i own many of Android devices and loving them more and more

  • mac2014

    I was a fiercely loyal Windows user for my personal devices since 1985 when my dad brought home a clone. I bought my first Mac in 2008, which was a 4-5 year old iBook model from a friend of mine after seeing how much Apple had improved their interface. I was so impressed with the stability of the machine after years of abuse that I decided to buy a brand new Mac Pro in Mid-2010. Sure, the $3,000 price tag caused significant sticker shock at first, but after having used that 5-year old model and seeing how stable is continued to be, I deduced that any product that could maintain its relevance for that long would, over the course of its lifetime, pay for itself. I just got tired of re-installing Windows every six months due to all the gunk it picked up during normal use, or buying a whole new machine after a couple of years because of the advancements in technology. Macs “just work.” And KEEP working. The Surface froze up on the CEO when he was demonstrating it to the world for the first time. That says a LOT.