Top iPhone and iPad Apps go free ahead of App Store’s 5th Anniversary [Updated]

A number of highly rated apps for the iPhone and iPad have gone free ahead of App Store’s 5th anniversay.

The 5th anniversary of the App Store is in couple of days, on July 10th.

Here’s the list of the apps that have gone free:


We’ll update this post if more apps go free.

Apple also sent out posters to celebrate “5 years of the App Store” last week.

HT: The Verge

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  • TBone

    How to cook everything is free

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks updated the post!

  • DJ Flea

    Thanks for the post! very usefull… downloading right now ;)

  • Syphon

    D: Gutted that I bought Infinity Blade 2 now xP

  • AngeloPotter

    Also, Glow Puzzle its free :)