Track 8 is a Metro-Inspired Music Player for iOS [Review]

If all this talk of iOS 7 has wet your appetite for a new music app and you can’t wait, then maybe you should have a look at our review of Track 8. It’s a Music app that takes the Windows Phone modern UI design (formally known as Metro) and applies it to your iOS music library. Fancy a change? Then read on.

The first screen that greets you in Track 8 is menu options for Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists. However, there is a hint to the side of the screen that there’s more awaiting you if you just swipe to the side. As you do that, the user interface pivots to the history section, which shows all of your recently played music. Even when it’s your first time running the app, the list will be populated because Track 8 pulls from your iTunes data, which is better than having its own file storage area.


Continuing the pivoting style, you can drag across to see a list of tiles for your newest music, and one more swipe reveals the most played albums and tracks.


Tapping any of the album art takes you through to view the tracks within the album, and this will also initiate loading a background image of photography from the artist. You’ll find that it’s all stylishly laid out, very much like a magazine. Since iOS doesn’t have a back button like Windows Phone you’ll find that in the top right corner, where iOS normally has a back button, there’s a Metro style circled arrow. The developer has done an admirable job of creating the Windows Phone experience you can even choose your own theme and accent color.


While playing a track, you can share it with your social networks. In particular, Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and App.Net. However, I found that the Twitter registration screen was empty, and so I couldn’t register my account. However, adding my Facebook account worked like a charm.

There’s nothing, in-fact that is stopping me from using this app as a full-time music player. In which case, $2.99 in iTunes is good value for money – it just comes down to a question of whether you like the Metro style or not. Like it or not, the appearance of iOS is changing.

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  • Steveo

    Am I the only person that thinks Windows phone UI is complete garbage?! Why the hell is everyone trying to copy that trash? Apples stuff is infinitely better now, but they seem to want to copy windows now. Wtf?

    • Kimk69

      Na man, you can’t be the only one.
      Sh*t, I have so much music that I would not
      Want to be fooling around with tiles and sh*t.
      I want to be able to get right to the thing I’m
      Looking for or just hit the shuffle and be done
      With it.

  • Huey Benitez

    I only discovered this app just now and my word, this app is f*cking amazing! At first, when I saw it being “Metro”, it bothered me because it’ll be a hint of Windows on my iPhone. But considering all the minimalist shit happening on iOS 7, I’d gladly use Track 8 as my full-time music player and completely disregard the fact that Track 8 is Metro-inspired. Seriously, it looks amazing and it isn’t hard to navigate. God bless you people for posting a review; I have found one of the best apps ever.

    • iPhoneHacks

      We’re glad to know you liked the app.

  • CCY

    This app can’t be killed in app switcher for me. Music keeps playing after it is killed Same problem on both my ipad and iPhone.

    • Rounak Jain

      The music is actually played by the Music app, Track8 is essentially a front end to the music app’s media playing core functions. So you’ll have to kill the music app to stop the music.