Good news: VLC for iOS now available for free on the App Store [Updated]

vlc iphone

After being pulled from the App Store over licensing issues, VLC, the popular video player, will be available on the store again starting tomorrow as a completely rewritten, open source app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Next Web reports:

VLC for iOS will be back in Apple’s App Store by tomorrow (July 19). The company tells TNW the app will be available for free worldwide, requires iOS 5.1 or later, as well support the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

As you can expect, VLC for iOS version 2.0 will be open-source. This time, however, its code will be available online (also by tomorrow), bi-licensed under both the Mozilla Public License Version 2 as well as the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.

The Mozilla Public License allows for distribution through the App Store, as opposed to the earlier GPL license which prohibits the use of DRM that is used to tie apps to iTunes accounts.

vlc ipad

The app is fully re-written, is way faster, does video decoding on multiple cores, and most importantly includes the legendary file support VLC on the desktop is known for. Files can be added to the app over Wi-Fi, through Dropbox, or via share dialogs in other apps. There are other features in the app, including closed captioning and subtitle support, AirPlay playback, network streams and more.

We couldn’t be more excited to see VLC’s return on the App Store, despite many other iOS apps that can play multiple video formats. What about you?

Update 1:

VLC is now available in the App Store. You can download it for free using this iTunes link.

Update 2:

Updated the link as it seemed to give problems to some readers.

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  • Damian W


  • MushMash

    This is awesome! in my opinion none of the most popular video players for iPhone are any good.. Android quality at best, so I’m really looking forward to VLC’s return! :D

  • Kiwiholden

    I still have the original. I had to stop using it because it had a bug where it would store every video you watched but have no way of getting to them once done.
    I ended up with 2GB on it.

    Good to hear its been rewritten

  • Bakachin

    Available in Australian App Store…downloading as I type

  • rtert

    not in the us store yet

  • Guest

    I’ts no longer in the US and German store available! (But I’ve got it a few minutes ago)

  • txnull

    It’s no longer available in the US and German store.

  • txnull

    update: now it’s available again

  • ryu

    It’s longer in the US store again.

    • ryu

      It’s NO longer in the US store again.

      • ryu

        Ok here is the deal, the link in the story does not work in the USA but if you do a search in the app store you can find it and download it. So yeah it is there

  • Luzardo Neto

    Available in Brazil Store!

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    This is probably the best news of the month! So long, all other media players and converters!

  • rlc

    search vlc for ios

  • videoaddict

    VLC might be allright, but once you get used to a really good player like It’s Playing, VLC doesn’t feel that great.